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Social Media’s Weatherman

This morning, severe weather including high winds and tornados are passing through central Indiana.  Local TV has, of course, jumped on the opportunity to show off their high priced radar toys.  Radio, for the most part, will quickly fit the latest information over the intro to a Lady Gaga song (except when the EAS requires longer interruptions).  But, some of the best local weather coverage will come – surprise – on the web.

Paul Poteet, a well respected national meteorologist and veteran of Indianapolis TV & Radio, is providing real-time updates via his Twitter/Facebook – including quick replies to specific local weather questions from his fans.  His website features the latest forecast, warnings, radar, and his podcast.

If you want to see an example of how social media can provide critical information to specific users immediately and on demand, check out what Paul’s doing … and remember, the “future” of content and information delivery is here now!  In fact, as I’m typing this post, I just saw a tweet from @StephMc5 who says “@paulpoteet I’m in my car and keeping an eye on your tweets to keep me informed! Thank you for the updates!!”  Notice she’s not listening to Paul’s reports on WZPL’s Smiley Morning Show – she’s reading his posts on her phone.  Welcome to 2010.

Paul Poteet:  Twitter | Facebook | Web & Podcast | YouTube

Viral Video goes Local

LIN TV, owners of television stations around the country including WISH/WNDY/WIIH Indianapolis, have just announced the debut of a user-generated video upload site called IndyTube.tv

Official Press Release

It’s exactly what you might expect it to be — a YouTube for Hoosiers. It’s easy to use and promises “15 minutes of fame and hours of fun.”

In conjunction with the website, LIN TV announced plans for a weekly 30-minute television program highlighting the best user-generated videos. The show is hosted by WZPL’s Dave Smiley starting Saturday, March 15, on MyNDY-23.

Everybody wants to feel like they’re party of a community. Everybody wants to be famous, no matter how brief. But, the likelihood of fame off YouTube is unrealistic. And, that will be this site’s key to success. It won’t be as big; but, it doesn’t have to be!

Check it out.

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