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Listeners vs. Users

Trade publication Inside Radio quotes Bonneville‘s Director of New Media, James Webb, saying radio needs to stop thinking of its cume as “listeners” and consider them “users.” He says, “Listeners are engaged only when the radio is on. Users connect with you in other ways.” This has tremendous implications for our industry, and extends our footprint beyond terrestrial radio to the world of multimedia applications (and revenue).**

Coincidentally, the Association for Downloadable Media today released their Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008 study, derived from the 2008 Internet & Multimedia Study conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research.

The audience for downloadable is not only growing, but also represents a very attractive target for advertising. Continue reading

Book Plug – The Soccer Mom Myth

I haven’t even read this book yet, but I’m recommending it.  I already have it on backorder from Amazon.  It’s The Soccer Mom Myth: Today’s Female Consumer – Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys by Michelle Miller & Holly Buchanan.

Case Study: GoDaddy.com

If you want to create a TV commercial geared towards a specific target audience with the goal of driving traffic to your website, GoDaddy.com has given you the perfect example.  You probably saw their Superbowl XLII commercial teasing a more racy Danica Patrick commercial, banned by Fox, available online.   The spot refers to the word “Beaver,” as in a stuffed rodent doll, but included so much innuendo to “that” slang, Fox had to say “no.”  When you finally see it, the ad really is tame.  But, the controversy of rejection provided GoDaddy.com a great opportunity.  I may be a pervert, but I know I immediately went to my laptop to watch it!

By the way, click here to watch the Danica Patrick “beaver” spot.

Best Viral Ads of 2007

Would you believe more than 5-million users chose to watch a commercial last year?  It’s true.  According to YouTube, that’s how many people watched the “Gorilla Drummer” ad for Cadbury last year, making it the most successful viral ad of the year.  Smirnoff’s Green Tea Partay came next with 3.4-million viewers.

Is your creative message strong enough to cut through all the cluttered ads on traditional media?  Okay, but is it good enough for millions of potential customers to WANT to watch your COMMERCIAL?  Now, how good is your idea – really?

Watch the Top 5 viral-video ads of 2007 as rated by GoViral and reported by Financial Times

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