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Lady Gaga Twitter Milestone: 25 Million Followers and Counting

Selling out worldwide tours consecutively for years and still managing to Tweet about buying a fake Rolex or why you should become a skinny alcoholic, Gaga spends a significant amount of time updating her Little Monsters and her huge following just keeps growing. The nudist singer-songwriter is officially now the most popular celebrity on Twitter!

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Finding the Best Time to Post to Social Networks

Managing social media for your business can be a tricky endeavor. Which pictures should you share on Facebook? What industry news should you tweet about on Twitter? What topic should you blog about on Tumblr?

And on top of knowing what to publish on which social network, another big question business owners struggle with is the best time to post. Publishing your content at peak times can help you reach the most people on those networks.

Turns out the best time depends which social network you’re posting to, according to popular URL shortening service bitly. It tracks metrics on bitly links that are shared across networks. In particular, bitly has examined how the day and time something is posted affects how “viral” it might eventually become.

But each social network has its own “culture,” bitly says, and users exhibit distinct behavior patterns. Here’s a rundown of bitly’s findings on the best times to post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr:

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Sourcing Your Show Prep From Twitter

I should be mad at social media & marketing goddess (and fellow WABB & Spring Hill College alum) Stephanie Winans for revealing one of my favorite secrets, but I’m not … I’m mad at her for doing it better!  Over the last couple years, I’ve recommended a few different ways Twitter can be used for self-promotion and show-prep.  Most recently, I set up @click1015 in Dayton with an elaborate set of Lists for this purpose … Lists ranging from Local Personalities, News Outlets, and Tastemakers to Bands We Play, Celebrities, et cetra.  It was easy to “click” a list and look for great content to use on our website and on the air.  Stephanie has taken it a step further by compiling a list of great all purpose show prep Twittererers to Follow.  She also “claims” to have written a How To about Twitter Lists more than two years ago; but, all we have to believe his her word and some date on a blog, so interpret that as you will 🙂

Anyway … Check out the list on her blog here.  

And, bookmark her site here.  She’s got something great to say every day!  I hate her for that, too.  🙂  Kidding, Stephanie!

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Women Rule, Bieber Drools (@ Twitter)

@ladygagaTeen heartthrob Justin Bieber is known not just for his boyish good lucks, trademark hair, and sugary pop hits … he’s also regarded as the (boy) king of Twitter.  Well, step beck Biebs!  Women are really the dominant personalities of the 140-character micro-blogging social network.  There are now 10 Twitter accounts with more than 10-million Followers; eight of them are women, and Lady Gaga is Queen of them all.

In fact, Lady Gaga just surpassed 20-million Followers on Twitter — doubling her online fan base in less than one year.

It was three short years ago that Ashton Kutcher became the first celebrity to break the one million Follower threshold.  Since 2009, his Followers have grown to only 9.3MM, trailing top testosterone Twitterers like Bieber (18MM) and President Barack Obama (12.8MM).

On the female side, Gaga is well ahead of her nearest competition — Katy Perry (15.7MM) and Britney Spears (13.5MM).

Part of Gaga’s appeal, as it is with Bieber and Kutcher, is that Gaga composes many of her 140-character Monster Messages personally.  This is a testament to the desire of fans to get as close to their favorite stars as possible, an intimacy Twitter can provide when properly embraced.  Fans want to believe they’re getting a glimpse behind the scenes of their favorite celebrities, a belief they’re a small part of their real personal life and not just a sanitized or promotional message drafted by a managers or publicist.

A certain amount of promotion is expected on Twitter, and a certain amount of communication may come from third-party agents.  However, to truly become successful with one-to-many new media platforms such as Twitter, the messaging should be real … personal … and unique.

For more examples of successful celebrity Twitter messaging or tips on crafting your own Twitter personality for you and your brand, contact Sands Media at 317-496-7268.

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Valentine’s Day Reflections On Engagement (Part 1)

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Valentine’s Day is coming in less than a week; but, this is not a post about your love life.  It is about relationships — the one you have with your audience, the consumer.

I just downloaded and began to read a fascinating 8-part research study conducted by Indianapolis based digital marketing firm ExactTarget.  Their study finds that an incredible 95% of Americans use email on a daily basis; and, more surprisingly, 93% of Americans subscribe to at least one email newsletter (permission marketing).  Additionally, 73% of Americans have created a Facebook profile, 65% active daily, and, 42% of those users say they have become a fan (“Like”) at least one product or brand page.

Let me repeat those numbers so they can sink in … 93% of Americans subscribe to at least one email newsletter and 42% of Facebook users “Like” at least one brand page.  Since we’re so close to Valentine’s Day, I’ll put those numbers into perspective:  more Americans choose to receive permission based marketing than choose to get married (approximately 55% of Americans over the age of 18 are married).

That’s good news for those of us charged with reaching consumers through digital media platforms.  Unfortunately, there’s also a caveat … just like there is with marriage statistics.  America’s divorce rate is currently around 40% of first-time marriages and 73% of third marriages, which is very similar to the rate American consumers “divorce” their brand partners.  Each year, about 54% of email marketing recipients choose to unsubscribe and 44% of Facebook “fans” choose to “Unlike” at least one brand or product.

“It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”Lord Tennyson, 1850 (That’s him to the right, by the way, just so you understand why there’s a picture of a creepy-looking 19th Century guy on my blog)

Although I write about a broad range of media-related topics on this blog, two common themes have emerged:

  1. How do we grow the reach of our digital platforms and leverage that audience to increase ratings, revenue … (whatever your objective)
  2. (For Radio) How do we optimize content to grow audience share without sacrificing personality under PPM measured ratings?

Well, the advice for both is pretty much the same as what you might tell an unmarried couple struggling with the next phase in their romance:

You’ve got to get engaged!

It’s about engaging the audience through all content delivery methods available.  Go ahead and read the ExactTarget study.  I’ll quote some of their data findings in future blog posts … at least two or three more will explore my thoughts on audience engagement while “love is in the air” during the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day.

But We’re AC (or HAC) … How Important Is Social Media For Our Brand?

I think most programmers agree that social media is an important component of today’s marketing mix for CHR, Rhythmic, & Alternative/Active Rock formats.  Hot AC has generally come along for the ride, too (especially brands with high profile talent).  But, I’ve recently talked with some programmers and managers who asked how much time should be devoted to social media on their AC, Country, or “upper demo” formats.  Quite simply, my answer was “more.”

Not only are “upper demos” the fastest growing cell of new Facebook users, but the psychographic profile of their most active users matches perfectly with the traditional Adult format target.

Adults with Children actually tend to be more active with social media, according to a recent study published by Media AuditContinue reading

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