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Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to @Facebook.com; Here’s How to Fix It

Facebook just removed everyone’s email address from their profile and replaced it with an @facebook.com email address without asking you.  Oh, and by the way, you have an @facebook.com email address  …

If you want the email addresses you actually use to appear on your profile, here are the easy steps to modify your profile:

1) Click “About” on your profile and scroll down to the box with your personal information.
2) Click “Edit”.
3) Click the circle next to your @Facebook.com email address to change the setting to “Hidden from Timeline” (unless you want to keep it on your profile).
4) Click the circles next to the email addresses you would like shown and change the setting to “Shown on Timeline.”  You can also adjust privacy settings here so that your email addresses are public or visible only to friends or whatever custom setting you prefer.
5) Important – click the “Save” button at the bottom of the Edit popup.

Your @facebook.com email goes to your Facebook messages.

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Everything You Need To Know About Timeline for Facebook Pages!

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook plans to convert ALL brand pages to their relatively new Timeline layout, whether you want it or not, at the end of the month.   There always seems to be a negative public reaction to every minor change Facebook makes; primarily because most people don’t like change or don’t want to spend a few minutes learning about new features.  Don’t be afraid; Embrace this change!  If properly utilized, Timeline can enhance the visual impression your brand makes with consumers, foster deeper relationships and more meaningful engagement.

In this post, I’ll attempt to cover the basic changes you need to know about Timeline.  I hope you’ll familiarize yourself with the new layout, enhancements, and start working on your own Timelines now – before Facebooks makes the switch for you on March 30.  For some great examples of radio stations and personalities already using Timeline for Facebook Pages, be sure to check out this GREAT post from Stephanie Winans.  (update:  Mashable just published 5 Ways TV Newsrooms are using Facebook cover photos.)

If you are logged in to your page, you will see a new ADMIN panel at the top of your brand page.  Administrators are the only users who will see this panel, and only when logged in as Admin.  I’ll get to the Admin panel in a few paragraphs; first, let’s take a look at what your Fans will see when they come to your new Facebook Timeline


  • The most obvious change you’ll notice with Timeline is the giant new banner graphic (“Cover Photo”) at the top of your page.   This is a great opportunity to make a good first impression with Fans coming to your Facebook page for the very first time, or returning for your killer content.  Over time, you’ll discover some very creative uses for the cover photo.  The “cover photo” is different than your “profile photo,” which is how you will be visually identified in Wall posts and in Fans’ Newsfeeds.
    • Stephanie Winans has identified some fantastic uses of radio station and personality cover photos here!
    • Mashable’s 5 Ways TV Newsrooms are Using Facebook Cover Photos
    • Facebook Terms of Service do not allow your cover photo to include pricing or purchasing information, contact information, calls to action of any kind, or references to Facebook features such as “Like” or “Share.”  In other words, you’re not supposed to have a cover photo with a big arrow to the Like button (“Like Our Page!”)  Facebook wants to provide the most organic, visually appealing, and content rich user experience possible.  Subtly, Cleverness, and Eye-Pleasing cover photos are the ones that will Facebook itends to work best in this new layout.
    • Cover Photo dimensions are 850 x 315 pixels.
    • If the cover photo you select appears “pixelated” once the site goes live, and you’re not a Photoshop wiz, try to increase the photo’s size to about 120% and re-upload it.  This should help make the Timeline cover photo appear more crisp.
    • The cover photo can be used to promote your hottest artists, big personalities, station concert, contest, something topical, et cetra.  If you just use the cover photo to post a larger station logo, city skyline, or staff photo that never changes – you’re just being lazy!
  • Under the cover photo, you’ll see your profile photo – this is the image that will identify you visually in Newsfeeds and Wall posts.  If your logo is not legible when condensed to this size, pick something else!  Be creative with it.
    • Profile Photo dimensions are 180 x 180 pixels.
  • The rest of the top banner may be slightly different depending on what “business type” you selected when creating your page.
    • Most pages will have space for your “About” description.  This may be 150 characters.  Other pages may substitute your address and phone number instead of the “About” description.  Obviously, make sure your business description, address, phone number, and website are correct.
    • Next to “About” will be a box for your “Photos.”  This is the only native Facebook app, in that fixed position, and you can not move it.  Your photos app will display the most recent photo you have uploaded, thus it will be constantly refreshed.  The good news is that photos are the most engaging content on Facebook, as I will discuss in an upcoming post.
    • To the right of the Photos box, you’ll see content boxes for three custom apps.  If your page is a “Places” page, one of those apps will be a Map.  Other defaults may be “Likes,” “Friends,” et cetra.  If you have a Fan-Gate, Sweepstakes/Contest, Special Offer, Twitter feed, or other custom content, they may be displayed here.  Move your best stuff to the remaining positions above the fold – click the down arrow to edit the page when logged in as Administrator.  I will address Fan-Gate / Like-Gate custom content in an upcoming post.
    • Custom App View dimensions are 110 x 74 pixels – which is actually larger than before!
    • Finally, you’ll see an arrow for the second layer of custom content boxes (officially called the “disclosure”).  If you have a lot of custom content, they will not appear unless your user clicks the disclosure; so, put your best stuff up front and kill whatever you don’t really need.  Previously, a nearly infinite number of Page Tabs was possible.  Now, you should carefully consider what “Tabs” or custom apps are most important and either kill the rest or move below the disclosure.  I recommend immediately moving Likes & Map to the second layer to free up app space.
    • Twitter, Blog, Google+, YouTube, LiveStream, UStream, Static HTML, Tabsite, Involver, Fan Page Engine, ReverbNation and Wildfire are just a few custom apps available (some are free, some require purchase).

  • Interestingly, after the user scrolls past your above the fold presentation, slightly different content will be displayed for each individual fan.
  • Unlike previously, you can no longer direct fans to a specific landing page.  Everyone will go to your new Timeline page.  I’ll talk about this more in an upcoming post; but, know this will change how you Like-Gate (or “Fan-Gate”) content.  It’s still possible, although not on your landing Timeline page.  The new execution requires an additional click-thru to one of your custom apps.  Facebook wants total control in order to provide a consistent user experience across all brand pages.  You will need to learn to capture user’s attention (and Likes) through content … and, what Facebook most most, Paid Advertisements.
  • You’ll notice immediately the rest of your page is no longer just a Wall, it’s two-columns of content.  Tabs are also gone (replaced by the custom apps at the top).
  • The left column is simple – it’s your Wall, updated chronologically, with newest posts at the top.
  • The right column is a completely new design:
    • At the top of the right column, you’ll see a box with your friends who also like that brand page.
    • Immediately below the page’s mutual friends box will be a random post or comment TO THAT PAGE made by one of your friends.  This will always be different if you have a lot of friends who frequently post to that page.
    • Next, you’ll find recent activity by other people, also constantly updating in real time.
    • Then, you’ll see a box of other pages that the BRAND “Likes.”
  • You’ll notice that your brand imagery (Cover & Profile photos) are no longer static on the page.  You’ll lose that branding as soon as a user starts to scroll down your page.  This is a change from previous Facebook pages, but not a bad thing; if a user is scrolling, it means they’re engaging with your brand’s content – that’s a good thing!


  • If you are logged in to your page as Administrator, you can manipulate your page content in a couple of new ways:
    • Scroll over any of your posts and you’ll see two icons in the top right of your post – a star and a pencil.
    • If you click the Star, you will “highlight” that post – which stresses the post across the width of both columns.  It’s a great way to highlight something important or especially interesting.
    • If you click the Pencil, you can delete/hide that post or now you can “Pin” it to the top of your Timeline.  It will remain the top post for seven days before it automatically un-pins.  Showcase posts that drive the most engagement or traffic to your website.  Pin week long contests, concert on sales, etc.
  • Custom Apps & Custom Content on “internal” pages (click-thru, Like-Gate, etc) can now display at 810 pixels wide (increased from the previous 520 pixels)!
  • If you want to Fan-Gate a contest on your Facebook page, here’s one trick you can use … Each inside page of your Facebook profile (custom apps) has a unique URL.  That unique URL can be set with a Fan-Gate, as long as it’s not your landing page.  You can then link directly to that URL from your station’s website.  On-air, promote to go to your website to enter the contest and then force click-thru to Facebook.
    • Your page’s “Latest News” can also be a Fan-Gate using the same unique URL trick.
  • On ANY page, regardless of whether or not you are the Administrator, you can now access SOME analytic data for that Page.  Simply click the page’s “Likes” box at the top to display that Page’s most popular week, most popular city, most popular demographic, People Talking About, and one month engagement trend.  This is a great way to gather a little competitive analysis for your own pages.
  • Interest Lists and Subscriptions are also getting more attention, and deserve more attention in … you guessed it … a future post.
  • As you have noticed on your personal Facebook profile, Timeline now tells the story of your life from birth to the present.  This is what sparked the initial negative reaction to Timeline — do we have to go back and post 35 years worth of photos and life events?  No, but it will certainly provide for a richer fan experience with your page if you take the time to tell your brand’s story.
    • A milestone is a major event that is particularly relevant to your brand; i.e., new show debuts, annual events, and other significant moment’s in your brand’s life.  Milestones are best told with photos, videos, or audio.  Milestones will appear across both columns.
    • Each time you add a Milestone, it will appear as a post to your Fans’ Newsfeed.  I encourage you to create as many Milestones as you can before your Timeline goes live.
    • UPDATE:  Now, when you add a milestone to your brand’s Timeline, there is no a check box as you enter the data which gives you the option to hide your milestone addition from the Timeline.  However, unless you’re adding dozens of milestones in the middle of the day, I would still recommend letting your milestone stream to Newsfeeds … this could potentially encourage your fans to engage deeper into the history of your brand.
    • Great examples of Milestone use on Timeline:  KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coke, Tiffany & Company, Old Spice


This is new, and somewhat annoying at first, but actually very useful when you get used to it.  Now, when you are logged in to your page as Administrator, you will see a summary of Admin data above your cover photo.  This is where you can access new likes, new comments, Insights data, and – most importantly – Messages!

Fans and even non-Fans now have the ability to communicate with you privately.  You must activate “messaging” in your Admin panel.  Once activated, a Message button will appear on your brand page next to the Like button.  This will send a private message to the inbox of the Admin panel, to which you can respond privately.  For example, if you conduct a Facebook contest, the winner can Message you with all of their information directly from your page without posting their address and phone number for everyone to see on your Wall.  Pages can NOT initiate communication with a Fan.


Consider the visual first impression you want to make with your Facebook page.  Quality wins over Quantity.  Custom content is very important; although now presented differently, it differentiates the branded experience across the Facebook platform.  As I will discuss in an upcoming post, your content is now your advertisement.

Fan-Gating your page is no longer possible as Facebook wants to make Timeline for Pages the visual centerpiece of their user experience.  However, you can Fan-Gate individual content (exclusive videos, contests) through Custom Apps.  Simply “getting the Like” is no longer the sole purpose of promoting your Facebook page; engagement metrics are becoming key – as I will address in one of my next posts.

Your pages will automatically convert to Timeline on March 30.  Don’t wait, work on your upgrade now and Preview it!

Review your administrator settings and permissions before Timeline launches.

If you have any questions about how converting your brand to Timeline for Facebook Pages, call me at 317-496-7268 for a free consultation.  Administrator services for your Page are available at a reasonable rate.

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Early this morning, Facebook quietly activated Timeline for Facebook Pages allowing your brand to create a more robust and visually appealing landing page similar to Timeline for Facebook profiles launched a few months ago.  Timeline will have a minor affect on your tabs and applications; but, has many new benefits too.  However, keep in mind that Newsfeed is still tremendously more important for engaging your consumers than your new landing page.

Facebook explains Timeline for Pages here.

You’ll get best results for your “cover” photo if it is 850×315 (pixels) or larger.  Facebook will not allow a “call to action” in your cover photo; i.e. no pricing, opt-in, like our page, free download, or the like.  You’ll see best results for your “headshot” photo if it is at least 150×150 pixels.  Here are some other links you may find helpful as you convert your brand page to the new Timeline.  For specific recommendations, advice, or help converting to Timeline just call me at 317-496-7268.

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Facebook Timeline mandatory rollout: You have 7 days to scour your past

Facebook is the virtual home to more than 800 million active users, so any change to how the network operates is a big deal. And nothing could be bigger for the social hotspot than completely revamping everyone’s front-facing profile page, and that is exactly what is happening today. Starting this morning, the new Timeline feature — that up until now has been an optional switch — is now mandatory.

The Timeline differs from the default profile pages we know and love in several ways. Now, rather than showcasing only your most recent posts, your personal front page can be scrolled back months or years at a time. Most importantly, this change can offer visitors a glimpse at your entire social networking past, all the way back to the day that you joined up. The revamp can be both a blessing and a curse for seasoned social networkers, as it can produce a bit of pleasant nostalgia, but also drag up some of your less proud public moments.   Left untouched, your Timeline may remind of you of breakups, job troubles, or even a few unfortunate party photos that you have long since buried. Depending on your settings, these black marks on your digital past could allow new followers — including friends or business associates — to see a side of you that was better kept tucked away.

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