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Follow Up: Christmas Format Success 2010

Christmas in the post-War United States

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A couple months ago, I posted my advocacy for “The Christmas Format” on stations with appropriate format and competitive situations (including a few suggestions and points of consideration).  Arbitron(c) ratings nationally reflect the reason why … and numbers don’t lie: Continue reading

Must Read: 3 Web 2.0 Tools EVERY Sales Force Should Activate

James Burnes, an Indianapolis web and social media guru, just blogged a few highlights from high latest new media seminar.  You’ve GOT to read it and follow his advice.


Radio influences online behavior.

Audio4Cast.com says radio plays a major role influencing behavior of online consumers.  A survey of 1,000 “digital influencers” by MS&L and IPSOS found traditional media like radio played a “vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online.”

84% said they go online to learn more after hearing something on the radio.

The study quantifies the connection between online and offline media.  Online marketing has become a nearly essential element of most advertisers’ marketing strategies.  Hopefully, this study will open doors to new cross-platform opportunities between digital and traditional media creating successful marketing strategies.

“This research supports the need for influencer marketing campaigns to leverage both traditional and online tools to connect with consumers,” said MS&L/NEW YORK’s RENNE WILSON.

Want to buy a rug? Turkish Merchants & The Art of Persuasive Sales.

Here’s a great story I landed on tonight while reading some blogs I track.  It’s courtesy of Mitchell Weisburgh of Academic Business Advisors.Here’s the direct link if you would like to visit his blog directly.

What I Learned Buying a Rug in Turkey

I had no intention of buying a rug on our trip to Turkey in December 2006. Certainly, not on the first day. I’d already purchased a rug; when my son and I had been abducted in Tunis, Tunisia in 1999. But, that’s a different story. Yet, there I was, just 4 hours after arriving in Istanbul, shaking hands with a rug merchant as he packed up our newly purchased kilin carpet. How did this happen?

Educators, business people, publishers, we all seek to influence others, and we are all influenced by others. Perhaps my experience in Turkey, seen through the prism of an expert in the principles of influence and persuasion can help us all.

First, let me describe the events leading up to the purchase. Then, I’ll relate those events to principles contained in the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

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Guest Column: The 3 Degrees-Off-Center Theory of Promotions by Paige Nienaber

My thanks to promo genius (my words, not his) Paige Nienaber for offering to write a column for my oft-neglected blog. Paige is the absolute BEST at radio marketing and promotions. And, he can be yours for a modest fee, through Clifton Radio’s C.P.R. (radio’s first-ever promotional consultancy). You can reach him at 651-433-4554 or via e-mail at nwcpromo@earthlink.net.

You have to feel a little sorry for teachers, standing up there, day after day, in front of a room of lethargic, somnambulistic kids, fighting the temptation to just nod off and go to the Bahamas for 50 minutes. I knew when Mr. Uhr was drilling us on Trig, that no way, no how, I would ever need it. I felt the same way when Mrs. Radzek was espousing the wonders of Marshall Mcluhan and his theory of the “Medium IS The Message”.

I didn’t get it. I didn’t care to get it. And instead I focused my energies on trying to see between the buttons on Kerry Brown’s top. (They “bunched” a little when she leaned over. I was very immature. Still am)

And then, in a story I have recounted innumerous times, I had an awakening. An epiphany. Mrs. Radzek was right.

I was driving from Birmingham to Huntsville a few years ago. Literally a blur of outdoor for 100 miles. An outblur. And I soon became desensitized to the onslaught of advertising and went off to the Bahamas. With Kerry Brown.

Up ahead was a board and what drew my attention to it was that there was a large bird on it. As I closed in my focus was riveted on it. “That’s one muther of a bird” I thought, as I sped up to 90 and clicked the door locks. (It was THAT big). As I buzzed past, sweating, anticipating it would de-perch and go in search of a meal, say a consultant in an Avis sub-compact, I saw that it was in fact, an eight foot high plastic owl that the client had put on his board to get the attention of drivers.

Some guy who runs a mini-storage complex in Alabama “gets” Promotions more then we do.

Promotions is the Art of getting people to notice you. That’s it. It’s that simple.

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If it’s too loud, you’re too wired!

There has been one under-reported, yet very important, finding in the “Internet & Multimedia 2008 Study” conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research — the number of workers listening to broadcast radio via streaming instead of traditional receivers is dramatically on the rise!

In fact, the percentage of terrestrial radio listeners who tuned-in via the Internet rather than a radio grew from 12% to 20% in less than one year.

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