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The Bit That Keeps On Giving

David John Winkleman was a big fan of “93 Rock” KORB-FM Quad Cities in 2000.  He and his stepson, Richard Goddard, were such big fans they actually had “93 Rock Quad City Rocker” tattooed on each of their foreheads.  You see, the wacky morning deejay had offered $100-thousand to any listener who did it.  Of course, he was joking and the station didn’t pay.  Winkleman and Goddard sued the station, but lost.

Flash Forward 10 Years … Winkleman is now in trouble with the law, arrested for failure to appear in court following misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.  TheSmokingGun.com provides his mug shot.  Yes, he still has the tattoo.

Unfortunately, KORB is no longer the Quad Cities Rocker.  They are KQCS “Star 93-5” but still enjoy a little free press.

The O’Reilly Factor

I wrote down this quote last summer and sent to all of our air talent:

“Go back and tell your personalities – if they are not on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and writing a daily blog two years from now – at the latest – they will be irrelevant.” (Leo Laporte at the Jacobs Media Summit XIII)

With all due respect to Mr. Laporte, I don’t think irrelevance is that far away.  It’s here.  Now.  I’ll even take his assertion one step further:  talent’s new media presence must include on demand demand – especially video – which is portable and compelling enough to be viral.

It’s 2009 and time for a serious review of your talent’s commitment to your digital platform.

Bill O’Reilly is a timely case study for the subject.  O’Reilly is leaving his nationally syndicated “The Radio Factor” at the end of February.  He claims that he’s too busy on the Fox News Channel for radio.  Tom Taylor notes on Radio-Info.com that Bill’s real plans are to spend more time working on his website and premium membership.  Here’s the posting: Continue reading

WKRP in Cincinnati … and the world!

In conjunction with Hulu & IMDB, thirteen episodes of the classic radio drama WKRP In Cincinnati are now available for online viewing!


WKRP was the creation of Hugh Wilson and MTM Productions, airing for nearly four seasons on CBS starting in 1978. It is a classic for those of us in the broadcast industry who can relate to all of the characters and most of their misadventures.

WQXI/Atlanta is most often cited as the basis for WKRP. And, on a personal note, I’ve had several people tell me that former QXI Program Director Jan Jeffries was the basis for PD Andy Travis and my uncle, WSGN/Birmingham newsman Les Coleman, was the basis for Les Nessman … although, I’ve never been able to confirm it.

You can see reruns of WKRP every Sunday night at 7pm ET on WGN America.

PDs take note of MSNBC

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of Fox News Channel.  It’s on 24/7 in my office and at least one of my TVs at home.  The reasons are obvious when you watch this, this, or this great segment from Comedy Central.  But, tonight I watched the official network of the Obama campaign, MSNBC.

Why?  I was sucked into the feud between Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Morning Joe has become increasingly vocal in his discontent with the liberal network’s support of Obama.  I mean, all the networks are in the can for the chosen one, but no one is more blatant about it than “MSDNC.”

Okay, before I go on a political tangent, let me stop because this blog is not about political beliefs.  And, if you respect mine, I’ll respect yours.  But, I do want to point out this developing on-air feud between Scarborough, Olbermann, and some of their other pundits.

It started on night one of the DNC’08 Convention in Denver when Olbermann made a comment without realizing his microphone was live.  Watch it here.  It spilled over to the next morning, as you see in this clip.  And, those are not the only instances when the animosity between Scarborough and his more liberal colleagues is evident.

And, it’s exactly why I watched MSNBC instead of my beloved Fox News … I wanted to see if there were any fireworks tonight.  I was disappointed, but I bet I flip back and forth for the rest of this week and during next week’s GOP gathering.

Conflict = Drama = Engagement = Ratings

My fellow program directors, commit that formula to memory.

Conflict = Drama = Engagement = Ratings

This doesn’t mean your air personalities have to hate each other; but, even the smallest of conflict may be exploited to create plot lines that will bring listeners/viewers back for more!  I’m not recommending music stations create a serious political feud between morning and afternoon shows; but, any conflict over who is the better dresser, better kisser, cheers for the best high school football team, or has a favorite pizza joint can be put in the spotlight for more engaging content.

Bring your key personalities, include minor cast players, and find out everything you can about their likes and dislikes … look for potential conflict around which you can build recurring themes and serial content.  If you do, the result will be more appointment listening, “must hear radio,” and higher ratings.

Take that to the bank!

Disagree, leave me a comment … and watch our conflict attract more participants on the blog 🙂

What song was that?

BlackBerry can tell you what song just played on the radio, thanks to a new free downloadable program named “Radio Companion”, developed by Nobex Technologies. The airplay data comes from Mediaguide, which tracks more than 2,700 U.S. stations.

MSNBC 03/31/08

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