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Radio influences online behavior.

Audio4Cast.com says radio plays a major role influencing behavior of online consumers.  A survey of 1,000 “digital influencers” by MS&L and IPSOS found traditional media like radio played a “vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online.”

84% said they go online to learn more after hearing something on the radio.

The study quantifies the connection between online and offline media.  Online marketing has become a nearly essential element of most advertisers’ marketing strategies.  Hopefully, this study will open doors to new cross-platform opportunities between digital and traditional media creating successful marketing strategies.

“This research supports the need for influencer marketing campaigns to leverage both traditional and online tools to connect with consumers,” said MS&L/NEW YORK’s RENNE WILSON.

How Obama used digital media and social networking to win the election.

Mediasauce, and Indianapolis-based digital strategies company, presented a great conference last week on the topic.  Now, they have posted a four part video recap.  It’s obviously not as extensive as the live presentation; but, still worth viewing.

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Points vs. Perks

Loyalty Marketing has been around for several decades now. The radio industry first tasted success with the concept through “Listener VIP Cards” in the 70’s & 80’s, and now through online rewards programs offered by vendors such as Enticent (Stickyfish) and Mass 2 One. It was airlines who truly capitalized on the idea with their frequent flier programs. Unfortunately, they’re becoming far too commonplace today as I see consumers in line with a wallet or purse full of membership cards to every pharmacy, grocery store, airline, gas station, and electronics store in town — not to mention new incentives offered by credit card companies or the still popular “Marlboro Miles” program.

Radio must find innovative ways to make our listener clubs more relevant to brand users for increased participation that benefits advertising partners and helps achieve programming objectives. The “earn points for prizes” strategy just won’t cut it today.

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Listeners vs. Users

Trade publication Inside Radio quotes Bonneville‘s Director of New Media, James Webb, saying radio needs to stop thinking of its cume as “listeners” and consider them “users.” He says, “Listeners are engaged only when the radio is on. Users connect with you in other ways.” This has tremendous implications for our industry, and extends our footprint beyond terrestrial radio to the world of multimedia applications (and revenue).**

Coincidentally, the Association for Downloadable Media today released their Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008 study, derived from the 2008 Internet & Multimedia Study conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research.

The audience for downloadable is not only growing, but also represents a very attractive target for advertising. Continue reading

Engaging Listeners & Making Money On Demand

eMarketer asks “Have you heard the latest about podcasting?” in a 2/4/08 article.

Podcasting reached an estimated 18.5-million listeners in 2007, with 6.5-million of those active weekly. That audience is expected to double by 2009!

Now, that’s encouraging for radio stations who offer podcasting so listeners can enjoy the unique content offered by your talent on their own terms. To steal a line from Field of Dreams, “if you post it, they will listen …” But, let’s be honest, it’s very time consuming to edit, render, and upload several audio files each day; so, it should be worth the effort.

This statistic will get your attention: Last year, advertisers spent $165-million sponsoring or advertising within podcasts. This year, podcasting revenue is expected to exceed $240-million in the United States alone. By 2012, some experts predict a podcasting of 65-million people, 25-million active weekly consumers, and podcasting ad revenue of $435-million!

eMarketer goes so far as to credit these increases, in part, to the use and promotion of podcasting by terrestrial radio. They also cite easier consumption, greater awareness, increased consumer adoption of portable media players, and new technology from smart phones and wireless data.

So, are you podcasting? Great! Who’s sponsoring it?

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