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Off to an underwhelming start.

The first advertising revenue figures of the year are now coming in with the January 2008 Miller-Kaplan report. New York City posts a 7.5% drop at radio. But, as bad as radio may look to outsiders, things are worse at print where the New York Times just fired 100 people. Magazines are feeling the pinch from lower automotive and financial services buys. And, the Writer’s Guild of America strike will certainly affect TV revenue for Q1 & Q2. The big number to watch, though, is the subprime mortgage rate – the first indicator for a national economic recession, which has everyone spending cautiously at the moment. The good news is radio looks much better for February and March.

The opportunity now is for radio to present a uniform message to advertisers that our medium is the most cost-effective means of reaching the most consumers, with high frequency, and specifically targeted campaigns. Our value is clear when compared to the TV and print.


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