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Lady Gaga Twitter Milestone: 25 Million Followers and Counting

Selling out worldwide tours consecutively for years and still managing to Tweet about buying a fake Rolex or why you should become a skinny alcoholic, Gaga spends a significant amount of time updating her Little Monsters and her huge following just keeps growing. The nudist singer-songwriter is officially now the most popular celebrity on Twitter!

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Women Rule, Bieber Drools (@ Twitter)

@ladygagaTeen heartthrob Justin Bieber is known not just for his boyish good lucks, trademark hair, and sugary pop hits … he’s also regarded as the (boy) king of Twitter.  Well, step beck Biebs!  Women are really the dominant personalities of the 140-character micro-blogging social network.  There are now 10 Twitter accounts with more than 10-million Followers; eight of them are women, and Lady Gaga is Queen of them all.

In fact, Lady Gaga just surpassed 20-million Followers on Twitter — doubling her online fan base in less than one year.

It was three short years ago that Ashton Kutcher became the first celebrity to break the one million Follower threshold.  Since 2009, his Followers have grown to only 9.3MM, trailing top testosterone Twitterers like Bieber (18MM) and President Barack Obama (12.8MM).

On the female side, Gaga is well ahead of her nearest competition — Katy Perry (15.7MM) and Britney Spears (13.5MM).

Part of Gaga’s appeal, as it is with Bieber and Kutcher, is that Gaga composes many of her 140-character Monster Messages personally.  This is a testament to the desire of fans to get as close to their favorite stars as possible, an intimacy Twitter can provide when properly embraced.  Fans want to believe they’re getting a glimpse behind the scenes of their favorite celebrities, a belief they’re a small part of their real personal life and not just a sanitized or promotional message drafted by a managers or publicist.

A certain amount of promotion is expected on Twitter, and a certain amount of communication may come from third-party agents.  However, to truly become successful with one-to-many new media platforms such as Twitter, the messaging should be real … personal … and unique.

For more examples of successful celebrity Twitter messaging or tips on crafting your own Twitter personality for you and your brand, contact Sands Media at 317-496-7268.

Lady Gaga launches Social Network “LittleMonsters.com”

Lady Gaga has launched a new website, LittleMonsters.com, which will serve a social networking service between Mother Monster and her fans. Little Monsters is currently in beta mode and fans can request an invite to “be among the first to experience a new community only for Little Monsters. Because you were born this way!”  Read more at FMQB.com

Clear Channel Gets Gaga

Saturday night, one lucky fan of Lady Gaga will be in the audience for the first stop of her 2011 concert tour in Atlantic City, meet her backstage, and return home with her autographed piano … the grand prize of this past weekend’s exclusive Clear Channel promotion executed strictly through Facebook.  Listeners could enter-to-win at the Facebook page for any of the 95 participating Clear Channel owned stations, or the Facebook Page for iHeartRadio (Clear Channel’s streaming aggregator), this past weekend.

The partnership between Clear Channel and Lady Gaga’s label, Interscope Records, coincided with the release of “Born This Way,” title track from next CD due for release May 23.  The exposure created by record-breaking radio airplay during a 72-hour period, the Grammy Awards, major media coverage, interviews, and consumer engagement via this and similar promotions, propelled Lady Gaga to become the most downloaded song on iTunes in less than three hours (the fastest song to reach that milestone).

Enabling fans to use Facebook to enter this contest marks the first time the time-honored telephone request line has been replaced with the social media platform, activating the natural social community built around our radio station brands. It also allows a deep tie-in among the fans of both the stations and Lady Gaga,” said John Hogan, CEO of Clear Channel Radio. “With the promotional power to reach 228 million people on a monthly basis, plus a unique collection of media, digital and mobile assets, no one else in the radio industry is positioned as strongly as Clear Channel to promote new music, products and features on this kind of national scale.

Facebook pages for iHeartRadio and the participating Clear Channel stations currently reach more than 1.4-million fans nationally.

Clear Channel has tapped into an innovative way of reaching Lady Gaga fans through Facebook, where more than 500 million people are already sharing their interests and activities with friends,” said Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnerships, Facebook.

PREP: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour in ...

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I just heard the new Lady Gaga single “Born This Way,” and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I kind of like it.  Of course, I think I liked the same songs when I heard Madonna do it twenty-five years ago.  Musical styles are definitely cyclical, and there are numerous other comparisons which could be made between Gaga & Madonna.  But, I’m not writing tonight as a music critic … I’m writing to point out the way Lady Gaga’s management and Interscope Records have chosen to market the CD’s release – exclusively through Target stores.

Target began offering fans the opportunity to pre-order the CD, Born This Way, exclusively from their website at 8:00am this morning – through midnight February 26.  Everyone who buys the CD pre-order from Target online will immediately have access to download the first release, title track “Born This Way.”  Troy Carter, her manager, says, “The partnership provides us with an opportunity to really engage the fans early and widen our reach on the album promotion.”  Target’s edition of the CD also includes three additional studio tracks and five remixes.  Interscope will make the CD available for wide release to retail on May 23.

We’re seeing Target more aggressively pursue music releases from major artists like Taylor Swift and Pearl Jam as a way to capture more album sales from online competition.  Besides, we all know that you can’t go into Target and just buy only one thing … walk in for a CD and walk out $100 lighter.  Smart thinking!  And, good for the artists who will benefit from millions of dollars in marketing from the big box store.

By the way, radio has quickly embraced the new single, with some stations playing it every hour since 4am this morning.  As of 5:00pm ET, more than 250 different Mediabase-monitored stations have played “Born This Way” more than twice.

Social Media’s Weatherman

This morning, severe weather including high winds and tornados are passing through central Indiana.  Local TV has, of course, jumped on the opportunity to show off their high priced radar toys.  Radio, for the most part, will quickly fit the latest information over the intro to a Lady Gaga song (except when the EAS requires longer interruptions).  But, some of the best local weather coverage will come – surprise – on the web.

Paul Poteet, a well respected national meteorologist and veteran of Indianapolis TV & Radio, is providing real-time updates via his Twitter/Facebook – including quick replies to specific local weather questions from his fans.  His website features the latest forecast, warnings, radar, and his podcast.

If you want to see an example of how social media can provide critical information to specific users immediately and on demand, check out what Paul’s doing … and remember, the “future” of content and information delivery is here now!  In fact, as I’m typing this post, I just saw a tweet from @StephMc5 who says “@paulpoteet I’m in my car and keeping an eye on your tweets to keep me informed! Thank you for the updates!!”  Notice she’s not listening to Paul’s reports on WZPL’s Smiley Morning Show – she’s reading his posts on her phone.  Welcome to 2010.

Paul Poteet:  Twitter | Facebook | Web & Podcast | YouTube

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