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Music Meeting for June 4, 2012

Daniel Powter is back!  You’ll remember this Canadian pop/rocker from his 2006 mega-hit “Bad Day,” which spent more than five weeks on top of the airplay and sales charts that year.  “Cupid” is the debut single from his forthcoming CD Turn On The Lights, due this summer.  Buy it on iTunes | Radio Programmers:  Stream It Here or Download MP3 Here

Check out these other great songs endorsed by Sands Media for Hot AC, AAA, and Pop/CHR now!

Listen via Box.net | Listen via Spotify playlist | Watch the videos below!



Music Meeting for May 22, 2012

Daniel Powter is back!  You’ll remember this Canadian pop/rocker from his 2006 mega-hit “Bad Day,” which spent more than five weeks on top of the airplay and sales charts that year.  “Cupid” is the debut single from his forthcoming CD Turn On The Lights, due this summer.

Buy it on iTunes | Radio Programmers:  Stream It Here or Download MP3 Here

Cupid” is Impacting radio now!  Early adds include:  WWFS New York, KLLC San Francisco, Sirius/XM The Pulse, WMTX Tampa, KALC Denver, KMXB Las Vegas, KWYE Fresno, KCDA Spokane, KCIX Boise, and more!

Check out these other great songs endorsed by Sands Media for Hot AC, AAA, and Pop/CHR now!

[Listen via Box.net | Listen via Spotify playlist | Watch the videos below!]

Get To Know Graffiti6!


 Click here to download for radio airplay.

Jamie Scott and producer TommyD began collaborating three years ago on material that would become Graffiti6.  They were signed to Capitol Records last year are now VH1’s “You Outta Know” artist for March.  The band has been heard in MTV‘s Teen WolfVH1‘s Basketball Wives, VH1’s Football WivesOne Tree HillGrey’s AnatomyCovert AffairsSuits, Free Agents, The Secret Circle, FIFA 2012 and CSI: NY.  

“Free” was the iTunes Song of the Week download for January 30 receiving 420,000 downloads!  The video already has more than 1-million views!  Recent appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (click here to watch performance).  

Early Adds from KBFF, KLLC, KIOI, KPSI, KIMN, KRUZ, KCDA, Dial Global HAC, KEZR, KCIX, KWYE, SiriusXM The Pulse, and now Gung Ho rotation on VH1!

Graffiti6 – Free – Official Video

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Podcasting for Higher Ratings

Stan Main

Stan Main of The Randy Lane Company

Arbitron‘s PPM has created many questions for personality-oriented shows who podcast, or want to know if they should podcast.  The answer is yes, but it must be done carefully in order to receive proper electronic measurement credit.  Stan Main of The Randy Lane Company has done the research and clearly outlines how to podcast in PPM (and diary) markets to receive proper, or even additional, listening credit.

Important – note the different criteria to receive PPM credit for “Best Of” programming.  It’s additional work to repurpose content for podcasts and Best Of separately; but, don’t you think the extra Cume & TSL is worth it?

For detailed explanations of these tips, be sure to visit The Randy Lane Company blog here.  Some highlights:

  • Don’t podcast entire shows or entire hours.  Re-package your best content into short podcasts of about 5 minutes in length.
  • Podcasts won’t take you from worst to first.  Podcasting currently makes up less than 1% of all measured listening.
  • Your podcast should come from your encoded air signal, not your encoded internet stream.  Don’t edit your podcast.  It must be the (5-10 minute) segment as broadcast.  Do not edit.
  • Best Of segments must come from a source before the PPM encoder.  Best Of segments can, and should be, edited.
  • Podcasts must be listening to by a PPM panelist within 24-hours of broadcast to receive credit.  So, promote the content actively on social media, email lists, on air, etc.  Make sure it’s worthy of a listener’s time to download.  If they don’t like the first podcast or two they download, they will decide it’s not worth the effort in the future.
  • In diary markets, if a listener just writes down the name of your station or show, you get listening credit.  If they write “.com” or “podcast,” you don’t get credit.

These critical tips were provided by The Randy Lane Company

.  I highly recommend visiting their blog for an explanation to each of those tips, and other suggestions not listed here.  The better you understand Arbitron’s methodology, the better chance you have of beating your competition.  Every detail counts!  Good luck.

It’s 7:00am, Do You Know Where Your iPhone Is?

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Unless you’ve been hiding under a technological rock for the past month, you know Apple’s iPhone becomes available to the general public this morning on the Verizon Wireless CDMA network.  It’s not a new product by any means … in fact, more than 74-million iPhone units have been sold in three years (exclusively on AT&T’s GSM network in the United States).  Yet, despite market penetration as the number three mobile phone brand since its launch in 2007, there will be long lines and high demand for the iPhone again today.

Verizon Wireless began offering internet sales at 3:01am this morning.  Their retail stores will open 2-3 hours early to accommodate customers, many who have been waiting in line for hours to make sure they get to the store before supply runs out.  Think about it, people are camping outside in bitter cold to BUY SOMETHING.

With the exception of “Black Friday” holiday sales, I can’t think of anything in the past ten years which has created such buzz and consumer desire; well, except for the release dates of each of the last three iPhone models.  In high school, we used to camp overnight at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum to buy the best seats for concerts.  Even as recently as 2001, you could find lines of fans waiting to get Backstreet Boys tickets.  Of course, that all changed with the growth of Ticketmaster style services.  The only thing which comes close is the release of big name video games like Madden ’11 and Call of Duty Black Ops when gaming retail stores opened for an hour at midnight so the die-hards wouldn’t have to wait until normal hours.  There’s a lot we could debate on whether or not online ticketing contributes to the decline of excitement for the music industry, but we’ll save that for another day.

For now, let’s just look at why these nuts are standing in 2-degree weather to buy a $500 phone.  It’s all thanks to a brilliant marketing strategy from Steve Jobs‘ team at Apple.  They have created a brand image that is iconic, sexy, and now … complete with an integrated line of more than 300,000 apps (not to mention iTunes content) which dominate the mindshare for consumer time spent with media.  It also doesn’t hurt to be another product from a company with high consumer loyalty and performance expectations – Apple delivers a great product every time.  The result is a perception the iPhone is the most significant device in modern technology.

The iPhone’s marketing strategy also followed a tactical approach essential to any good radio personality or promotion:  tease, flair, and excitement.  Apple consistently sets the bar for product launches with buzzworthy teases, larger than life theatrical announcements, memorable highly visual advertising, and word of mouth from satisfied users.  Consumers and the Media begin talking about new products months in advance, create an event for the launch itself, and convert into brand advocates as soon as they get their hands on it.  What a great lesson all of us can learn for our next big concert announcement, contest, or even the way talent executes daily content!

Would your listener wait in the snow all night just to hear your morning show?  Okay, probably not, but you get my point.

PS — I’d love to hear what your morning show did this morning to capitalize on this highly topical content.  Did you send anyone to talk to people in line?  Send them food?  Giveaway first-in-line at one of the stores?  Have a party for new iPhone users at lunch?  Give away iTunes gift cards to get the proud new owners started on their first app/music purchases?  Go to a store with a karaoke machine to challenge everyone waiting to sing in “iPhone iDol”?  I sure hope you did … something.  Leave a comment below.

Ping! (Kicking The Tires)

I must admit, Apple‘s announcement of their new PING social media platform completely slipped by me over the holiday weekend … until I read 1-million users signed up for the service during it’s first 48 hours.  It sounds impressive enough, but pales in comparison to Pandora, Lastfm, and other music networks.  Ping is integrated with iTunes 10, which had 10-million downloads in the same period (a more impressive 10% conversion rate). 

More importantly,  I wanted to know if there was a radio for radio to leverage this new community for social marketing.  So, here’s what I found … Continue reading

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