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Study: HD Radio “Knowledge Gap” Continues

New research by Mark Kassof & Co. reveals a continued “knowledge gap” among consumers when it comes to HD Radio. 54% of those ages 18-64 have “heard of” HD Radio, down from 67% in its 2008 HD research (though higher than 38% in 2006). Included in that 54%, however, is 16% who have only heard of HD Radio and don’t know anything about it, essentially equal to what was found in 2008 (14%).

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If it’s too loud, you’re too wired!

There has been one under-reported, yet very important, finding in the “Internet & Multimedia 2008 Study” conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research — the number of workers listening to broadcast radio via streaming instead of traditional receivers is dramatically on the rise!

In fact, the percentage of terrestrial radio listeners who tuned-in via the Internet rather than a radio grew from 12% to 20% in less than one year.

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80’s become Oldies; Oldies become Older.

Thanks to Willie B for sending me this article from New York City about the legendary WCBS-FM‘s recent evolution to a more contemporary oldies (there’s an oxymoron).

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