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Easy Foursquare Promotion for Radio

Paul Cubby Bryant Foursquare PlugI’ve touched on the need for radio brands and personalities to discover creative ways location based marketing can be utilized for self-promotion in recent posts.  Well, I just saw a very easy – although somewhat painstaking and time consuming – idea from New York & Miami morning star Paul “Cubby” Bryant

Basically, he’s taken some effort to promote his own show as a “Recommended Tip” when a Foursquare user “checks in” from certain landmarks.  It’s easy to add your own tips for any venue when you check-in from a location and really does not take much additional time if you’re already playing along.  Simply add a tip from major venues like he did saying “Since you’re so close to LOCATION, YOURNAME says Listen to YOURSHOW on STATION at TIME.

Kudos on the simple, obvious, yet overlooked way to keep your name in front of the socially immersed consumer.  You could also use this concept to promote your station’s “Half Priced Deals” and upcoming bar promotions, concerts, and other events.  Let me know how it works for you, or if you have other ideas to leverage Foursquare and social networking platforms into your marketing strategy – leave a comment below.

Ears = Eyes = Ears = Eyes = Ears … You Get The Point

In “duh” industry news this week, The Media Audit new National Radio Format Report confirms substantial growth in the number of radio listeners visiting radio station websites.  The report claims 17.7% of US adults have visited a radio station website within the past month – that’s about 25 million unique visitors per month in just 80 markets tracked by The Media Audit – and represents about 5% growth in only three years.

It’s probably safe to assume that as more radio stations expand their digital content and more consumers have access to the web these numbers should naturally grow.  However, you could make a case for the growth to be a little surprising based on some terrible content found on many radio station websites (even in major markets).  We’re almost to 2011, yet many stations have not committed adequate resources to provide the same great content on digital platforms they strive to provide on air – missing potential revenue streams and the opportunity to recycle listeners back to your station for higher ratings.  There are still radio stations who believe “10 Questions with DJ” is awesome … and don’t even bother updating them except for when they change talent.

I’ll give you a few things I consider “basic musts” for all radio websites at the end of this post.  First, some of the other findings in The Media Audit report: Continue reading

“Checking In” with another Foursquare Follow-Up

The Lefsetz Letter turned me on to another article about Geolocation Services – “Find a Smartphone, Find a Customer,” this one in the New York Times.  Of course, Lefsetz has a great take on how it applies to the music industry, read it here.

Conan Checks-in on Foursquare

Fresh on the heels of my post earlier today urging radio, artist management, and labels to come up with ideas to integrate location based marketing into your social media strategy comes news from TBS and Team Coco promoting his return to late night on November 8.  Jennifer Van Grove filed the story for Mashable.

Team Coco, in partnership with AT&T, has launched the The Conan Blimp into the skies above Philadelphia. The orange eye sore will travel all over the east coast for the entire month of October; Conan fans who spot it can check in to the blimp to unlock a special Conan badge on FoursquareThe Conan Blimp also has its own website complete with a live cam and an always-updating map. True Conan fans that don’t want to miss their chance at the badge can also follow Team Coco on Foursquare and Twitter for updates on the blimp’s whereabouts. 

The campaign is as transparent as they come — those blimp checkins will get distributed to all corners of the social web and spread the message that Conan is back. Still, it’s a massive undertaking that is both strange and fascinating. The month-long east coast blimp trip is sure to be one giant spectacle, and it seems fairly safe to assume that it will attract a fair amount of stares — and possibly even Foursquare checkins.  The blimp-badge partnership is also an interesting indicator of how location, checkins and entertainment marketing can go hand-in-hand. Foursquare tells us that the startup’s participation in the campaign was orchestrated by Jonathan Crowley, sibling to Co-founder Dennis Crowley and the man at the company handling media partnerships of late.

Do you think it’s as brilliant an idea as I do?  Share your comments below.  And, come up with a way for our brands to get on the field.

The Scotty Network

The Social Network, a film about Mark Zuckerberg and the launch of Facebook, opened nationally today amidst much chatter – because of the questionable ethics surrounding Zuckerberg, and because it’s a pretty good movie.  Scott Wise, owner/founder of Indiana based Scotty’s Brewhouse with 6 locations, also recognized it as a promotional opportunity for his chain of restaurants.  Scott, along with Bruce McClain and the rest of his team, are not afraid of taking chances promotionally.  This is the same crew who encouraged patrons to submit videos of themselves high-diving and kicking field goals to win gift certificates or play “Scotty’s Survivor.”  VIP patrons can earn rewards, using a loyalty program administered through Aloha POS software.  And, it’s the same Scott Wise who has embraced social media marketing perhaps more successfully than any other retail establishment in the state.  Scotty’s has three of the top ten Indiana check-in venues on Foursquare.  He personally has more than 5,000 followers to his @brewhouse Twitter account and has become a popular speaker on the subject.
So, it’s only natural that Scott would embrace the release of The Social Network for his company’s gain.  Presenting … Scotty’s Network, a two-minute video spoof of the film’s trailer starring Scott, members of his team, his restaurants and social presence, and local celebrities like Dave Smiley and Paul Poteet
[Click-through to watch the video at the end of this post and read more about The Scotty Network viral promotion] Continue reading

Foursquare’s “Mayor” of Indy

I just happened to catch a post to the AroundIndy blog with current Foursquare check-ins as of September 22.  Not surprisingly, Scotty’s Brewhouse is on top.  But, it might surprise you that Scotty’s has three of the Top 10 check-in venues for Indianapolis.  And, if you take out the huge venues that host tens of thousands of people for events such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Lucas Oil Stadium, Verizon Wireless Music Center, Victory Field, Conseco Fieldhouse, and the Indiana State Fairgrounds … Scotty’s Brewhouse would be the Top 3 check-in venues in town!  That’s impressive!

Scott WiseScotty’s owner, Scott Wise, has executed perhaps the most successful social media marketing strategy in the area.  And, he does most of it himself.  Brewhouse employees are empowered to Tweet and engage customers online; but the @brewhouse Twitter and Facebook pages are run by Scott personally with a mix of promotional messages and personal anecdotes.  He has figured out the perfect balance of letting you know about a 10% discount if you check-in while also making you feel like he’s your next door neighbor (even if you’re only “friends” on Facebook).

To the professionals and business owners who say they don’t have time to control their social messages directly, or don’t see the value in having a social media strategy, Scotty says “I have 600 employees, 7 restaurants, twin 1-year-olds, and a 3-year-old son.  No excuses.  If I can make it work, you can too.”  (courtesy Blog Indiana)

Follow @brewhouse on Twitter or Like Scotty’s Brewhouse on Facebook and watch the example he sets for the rest of us.

Oh, and be sure to order their loaded tater tots!

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