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Ping! (Kicking The Tires)

I must admit, Apple‘s announcement of their new PING social media platform completely slipped by me over the holiday weekend … until I read 1-million users signed up for the service during it’s first 48 hours.  It sounds impressive enough, but pales in comparison to Pandora, Lastfm, and other music networks.  Ping is integrated with iTunes 10, which had 10-million downloads in the same period (a more impressive 10% conversion rate). 

More importantly,  I wanted to know if there was a radio for radio to leverage this new community for social marketing.  So, here’s what I found … Continue reading


Is education the answer for labels?

Microsoft today released a new study that claims Junior High teens are less likely to illegally download music when they know the laws about file sharing.

Download the entire study here.

Unfortunately, only half of the sample were actually familiar with those laws, and only 11% of them understood the laws about downloading images, literature, music, movies, music, and software.  Of those who knew the rules, parents and news stories were credited with distributing the information – not their schools.

Other findings included: Continue reading

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