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If it’s too loud, you’re too wired!

There has been one under-reported, yet very important, finding in the “Internet & Multimedia 2008 Study” conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research — the number of workers listening to broadcast radio via streaming instead of traditional receivers is dramatically on the rise!

In fact, the percentage of terrestrial radio listeners who tuned-in via the Internet rather than a radio grew from 12% to 20% in less than one year.

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Listeners vs. Users

Trade publication Inside Radio quotes Bonneville‘s Director of New Media, James Webb, saying radio needs to stop thinking of its cume as “listeners” and consider them “users.” He says, “Listeners are engaged only when the radio is on. Users connect with you in other ways.” This has tremendous implications for our industry, and extends our footprint beyond terrestrial radio to the world of multimedia applications (and revenue).**

Coincidentally, the Association for Downloadable Media today released their Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008 study, derived from the 2008 Internet & Multimedia Study conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research.

The audience for downloadable is not only growing, but also represents a very attractive target for advertising. Continue reading

Edison Media Research: Online Radio Reaches 33 Million Americans Per Week

The annual Infinite Dial 2008: Radio’s Digital Platforms put out by Arbitron (NYSE: ARB) and Edison Media Research, estimates that 33 million Americans age 12 or older listen to a radio station over the Internet during an average week – up from 29 million listeners one year ago. There is also a strong connection between online radio listening and social networking sites according to the study.  The complete study, which will be released in April 2008, also found that:

* Thirteen percent of Americans age 12 or older (an estimated 33 million people) listened to online radio in the past week; an increase of two percentage points from January 2007
* While nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of all Americans age 12 or older have a profile on a social networking Web site such as MySpace, Facebook or Linked-In, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of online radio listeners have a profile on sites such as these
* One-third of online radio listeners with a social network profile visit their social networking site nearly every day or several times per day
* The top social networking Web sites among online radio listeners are MySpace and the business professional networking service Linked-In. Twenty-eight percent of online radio listeners have a MySpace page, while nearly one-quarter (24 percent) have a profile on Linked-In.

Social networking is clearly not about creating exclusive, self-enclosed communities,” said Diane Williams, senior analyst, custom research for Arbitron. “We found that online radio listeners are more than one and half times more likely to have a profile on a social networking site as compared to average Americans and that they tend to be power-users with one-third of online radio listeners logging on to their social networking site nearly every day or even multiple times per day.

Edison: Online Radio Reaches 33 Million Americans Per Week

Does talk radio make a difference?

The mainstream media have recently devoted a lot of attention to the influence talk radio has over the electorate.  Rush Limbaugh’s vocal opposition to John McCain has certainly been in the center of the controversy.  Our partners at Edison Media Research, who do great radio projects as well as political exit polling, used their pool of voters to measure the influence of talk show hosts on the Republican Party.

Click here to read their study.

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