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Radio Works – Case Study

Inside Radio (11/25/08) reports Hersey president David West crediting radio as the catalyst for increased sales for Kit Kat (+7%) and Twizzlers (+9%).  Both used radio in late Fall. Walmart has also become one of radio’s biggest advertisers this year. And, both Hershey & Walmart have outperformed their peers during this recent economic crisis. Radio works!

Want to actually be moved by a commercial?

Here’s a great example of creative, inspiring, even emotional advertising for a product never mentioned by name.  It proves great writing and production, even in commercials, can still be good content.  It’s worth the time spent to craft both your message and medium in today’s marketing world.  I bet this becomes a viral smash with … well, I won’t tell you who … just watch the video.

If we create content that matters, we will always have an audience.

“If we create content that matters, we will always have an audience.”  Mark Ramsey of Mercury Research and Hear 2.0 summarized what radio should take away from this New York Times story about How Industries Survive Change – If They Do.

Read it and remember Mark’s advice.

Here’s Why Advertising During a Recession Is Good Business

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. 2008

A few years ago when my wife was expecting our second son, we realized it was time to move our first born out of the nursery and into a regular bed. So, on a Saturday afternoon, we retrieved my old bunk-beds from my parent’s attic. All we needed to do was buy a couple of new mattresses. The following morning, as we lingered over coffee and the Sunday paper, my wife pointed to several ads and exclaimed, “Look at all these sales. We picked the perfect time to buy a new mattress!” Being in the advertising business, I chuckled, and said, “Honey, that’s the beauty of advertising. Mattresses are always on sale, but no one ever notices that until they’re in the market for one.”

Click here to read the entire story.

Off to an underwhelming start.

The first advertising revenue figures of the year are now coming in with the January 2008 Miller-Kaplan report. New York City posts a 7.5% drop at radio. But, as bad as radio may look to outsiders, things are worse at print where the New York Times just fired 100 people. Magazines are feeling the pinch from lower automotive and financial services buys. And, the Writer’s Guild of America strike will certainly affect TV revenue for Q1 & Q2. The big number to watch, though, is the subprime mortgage rate – the first indicator for a national economic recession, which has everyone spending cautiously at the moment. The good news is radio looks much better for February and March.

The opportunity now is for radio to present a uniform message to advertisers that our medium is the most cost-effective means of reaching the most consumers, with high frequency, and specifically targeted campaigns. Our value is clear when compared to the TV and print.

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