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Thursday Morning Reading

I realize this is a lazy way to update my blog; but, I’m doing it to both share a few things which look great and I plan to read in the morning: Continue reading

Radio influences online behavior.

Audio4Cast.com says radio plays a major role influencing behavior of online consumers.  A survey of 1,000 “digital influencers” by MS&L and IPSOS found traditional media like radio played a “vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online.”

84% said they go online to learn more after hearing something on the radio.

The study quantifies the connection between online and offline media.  Online marketing has become a nearly essential element of most advertisers’ marketing strategies.  Hopefully, this study will open doors to new cross-platform opportunities between digital and traditional media creating successful marketing strategies.

“This research supports the need for influencer marketing campaigns to leverage both traditional and online tools to connect with consumers,” said MS&L/NEW YORK’s RENNE WILSON.

How Obama used digital media and social networking to win the election.

Mediasauce, and Indianapolis-based digital strategies company, presented a great conference last week on the topic.  Now, they have posted a four part video recap.  It’s obviously not as extensive as the live presentation; but, still worth viewing.

Click here.

Ads on Local Media Websites are more effective, research shows.

A new project conducted by Jupiter Research for the Online Publishers Association has found ads placed on local media websites are more effective than other local sites.  Download the entire study here.

Newspapers ranked first with 46% of consumers taking action after viewing a local ad, followed by local TV sites (44%), local magazine sites (42%), user review sites (39%), and portals (37%).  Newspaper, TV and Magazine sites also attracted significant percentages of consumers who spent more than $500 online in the past 12 months, compared to portal visitors and the general online population.

Unfortunately, OPA did not include local radio station websites in their study, but marketers can easily make the leap to assume similar results would be found with ads placed on radio sites considering the Top 3 response sites were local media and within 4% points of each other.

“Our analysis of Jupiter data finds that consumers are more likely to act on the ads they see on local TV, newspaper and magazine sites. Just as we see on a national scale, media sites outpace portals and all other online media at delivering meaningful advertising results,” said Pam Horan, president of OPA.

Download the entire study here.

Digital TV … Digital Radio … Now, Digital Outdoor!

Yes, it’s true.  The digital age comes to outdoor marketing this year.  Detroit & Cleveland are two of the first markets with new high-fangled digital billboards.  They work essentially the same as the now-common three-sided flip boards we’ve all seen, except it’s done with LED.  Each sign can support 7-9 different advertising messages during a 1-minute rotation.

Indianapolis gets its first of the new boards, which reported cost in excess of $300k each!  Clear Channel Outdoor will take it live this April with a two-face bulletin on I-70 near the new airport expansion.

Arbitron  conducted a study of Cleveland’s digital boards and found them fairly successful.

  • 10% notice digital outdoor at least some of the time
  • 83% could recall at least one of nine advertisers
  • 65% could recall at least two of nine advertisers

This new technology presents some interesting new twists for advertisers; but, I’m not going to share any of my ideas here.

Download the Arbitron study here. 

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