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Easy Foursquare Promotion for Radio

Paul Cubby Bryant Foursquare PlugI’ve touched on the need for radio brands and personalities to discover creative ways location based marketing can be utilized for self-promotion in recent posts.  Well, I just saw a very easy – although somewhat painstaking and time consuming – idea from New York & Miami morning star Paul “Cubby” Bryant

Basically, he’s taken some effort to promote his own show as a “Recommended Tip” when a Foursquare user “checks in” from certain landmarks.  It’s easy to add your own tips for any venue when you check-in from a location and really does not take much additional time if you’re already playing along.  Simply add a tip from major venues like he did saying “Since you’re so close to LOCATION, YOURNAME says Listen to YOURSHOW on STATION at TIME.

Kudos on the simple, obvious, yet overlooked way to keep your name in front of the socially immersed consumer.  You could also use this concept to promote your station’s “Half Priced Deals” and upcoming bar promotions, concerts, and other events.  Let me know how it works for you, or if you have other ideas to leverage Foursquare and social networking platforms into your marketing strategy – leave a comment below.

Who owns your friends?

By now, you know about the circumstances which led CNN to fire anchor Rick Sanchez.  [Sanchez made several controversial remarks about Jon Stewart, the “media elite,” even his employers at CNN during an interview by Sirius XM host Pete Dominick.]  Let’s skip over discussion about what he said, whether or not he should have been fired, and how the comments may have been handled better on either side … there’s a more interesting question of intellectual property ownership at play.  Sanchez essentially built his weekday afternoon show around a prolific social media presence; in fact, many people joked that all he did was sit around reading other people’s Tweets for a couple hours.  His Twitter @ricksanchezcnn has more than 146,000 Followers. 
So, now what happens to his Twitter account and all his Followers? 

This is quite a new dilemma for Personalities and Media Brands.  Let’s think about some of the implications:
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The Bit That Keeps On Giving

David John Winkleman was a big fan of “93 Rock” KORB-FM Quad Cities in 2000.  He and his stepson, Richard Goddard, were such big fans they actually had “93 Rock Quad City Rocker” tattooed on each of their foreheads.  You see, the wacky morning deejay had offered $100-thousand to any listener who did it.  Of course, he was joking and the station didn’t pay.  Winkleman and Goddard sued the station, but lost.

Flash Forward 10 Years … Winkleman is now in trouble with the law, arrested for failure to appear in court following misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.  TheSmokingGun.com provides his mug shot.  Yes, he still has the tattoo.

Unfortunately, KORB is no longer the Quad Cities Rocker.  They are KQCS “Star 93-5” but still enjoy a little free press.

The O’Reilly Factor

I wrote down this quote last summer and sent to all of our air talent:

“Go back and tell your personalities – if they are not on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and writing a daily blog two years from now – at the latest – they will be irrelevant.” (Leo Laporte at the Jacobs Media Summit XIII)

With all due respect to Mr. Laporte, I don’t think irrelevance is that far away.  It’s here.  Now.  I’ll even take his assertion one step further:  talent’s new media presence must include on demand demand – especially video – which is portable and compelling enough to be viral.

It’s 2009 and time for a serious review of your talent’s commitment to your digital platform.

Bill O’Reilly is a timely case study for the subject.  O’Reilly is leaving his nationally syndicated “The Radio Factor” at the end of February.  He claims that he’s too busy on the Fox News Channel for radio.  Tom Taylor notes on Radio-Info.com that Bill’s real plans are to spend more time working on his website and premium membership.  Here’s the posting: Continue reading

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