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No Surprise, Disney Gets Database Marketing Right (Too)

Last night, Tara & I took our son and his cousin to see Disney’s “Toy Story on Ice” at Conseco Fieldhouse (yes, instead of watching the NFL Championship games).  I bought tickets online a few weeks ago, received them by mail in time, and had no problems.  This morning I received a thank you email for attending the show from Feld Entertainment, the show’s producer.  Kudos!

The email was short and to the point:  “I’d like to thank you for attending … We value you as a customer and hope you had a magical time.  We know you have several choices when selecting family entertainment, and we appreciate your patronage.”  Signed, Kenneth Feld, CEO.

Obviously, this is was automatically sent by a mail-bot.  But, it caught me off-guard and was a pleasant surprise this morning.  Now, I’ve spent a majority of my life in the radio business.  I don’t think I’ve bought tickets for anything other than a game since … Continue reading

Ears = Eyes = Ears = Eyes = Ears … You Get The Point

In “duh” industry news this week, The Media Audit new National Radio Format Report confirms substantial growth in the number of radio listeners visiting radio station websites.  The report claims 17.7% of US adults have visited a radio station website within the past month – that’s about 25 million unique visitors per month in just 80 markets tracked by The Media Audit – and represents about 5% growth in only three years.

It’s probably safe to assume that as more radio stations expand their digital content and more consumers have access to the web these numbers should naturally grow.  However, you could make a case for the growth to be a little surprising based on some terrible content found on many radio station websites (even in major markets).  We’re almost to 2011, yet many stations have not committed adequate resources to provide the same great content on digital platforms they strive to provide on air – missing potential revenue streams and the opportunity to recycle listeners back to your station for higher ratings.  There are still radio stations who believe “10 Questions with DJ” is awesome … and don’t even bother updating them except for when they change talent.

I’ll give you a few things I consider “basic musts” for all radio websites at the end of this post.  First, some of the other findings in The Media Audit report: Continue reading

Points vs. Perks

Loyalty Marketing has been around for several decades now. The radio industry first tasted success with the concept through “Listener VIP Cards” in the 70’s & 80’s, and now through online rewards programs offered by vendors such as Enticent (Stickyfish) and Mass 2 One. It was airlines who truly capitalized on the idea with their frequent flier programs. Unfortunately, they’re becoming far too commonplace today as I see consumers in line with a wallet or purse full of membership cards to every pharmacy, grocery store, airline, gas station, and electronics store in town — not to mention new incentives offered by credit card companies or the still popular “Marlboro Miles” program.

Radio must find innovative ways to make our listener clubs more relevant to brand users for increased participation that benefits advertising partners and helps achieve programming objectives. The “earn points for prizes” strategy just won’t cut it today.

Continue reading

Paige comments

Radio Marketing & Promotional guru Paige Nienaber of CPR responded to my earlier post about Engagement & Loyalty marketing.  Since he’s usually right on the money when it comes to his radio insight, I thought I’d move him comments to the main blog.  Thanks, Paige!

“One of the stations had a massively cool bit this past Fall. Great visual. Live on the website for a week. But to watch it, you had to sign up for their social networking club. As my 16 year-olf niece said “F that, I don’t want more spam”. (Heavy dripping teen sarcasm is implied.)

One of the challenges is that people just don’t care that much about radio anymore. We’ve dumbed it down and surgically removed the creativity and theater and fun to the point that we’re just iPods with commercials. And at most stations the carrots that are dangled through the programs just aren’t worth the time and labor to earn them.

I’m a Points Geek. Super Mega Elite American Status. No real work or effort required except do what I do and get rewarded for it. And we’re all going to China for the Olympics. But even that carrot would b questionable if they made me go through some of the hoops that we do with out listeners.

With a certain company pulling the goalie so-to-speak and effectively removing their stations from the streets and community, I questioned this judgement with one of their VP’s. The database marketing should be a wedge in the pie. Not the pie. I told him that if I called Obama and suggested that he pull his volunteers and stop making appearances and just sit in an office and send emails to people, he’d fall off his chair laughing.

Loyalty is hard-earned. You get it one listener at a time. And you do it the personal way.”

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