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Follow Up: Christmas Format Success 2010

Christmas in the post-War United States

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A couple months ago, I posted my advocacy for “The Christmas Format” on stations with appropriate format and competitive situations (including a few suggestions and points of consideration).  Arbitron(c) ratings nationally reflect the reason why … and numbers don’t lie: Continue reading


It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, every where you tune …

Less than two months ago, I blogged that Christmas (music) would be on the radio before you know it.  Thanksgiving is still a week away; but, already dozens of stations have made the switch to Holiday formats including head-to-head battles in markets from St. Louis to Ft. Wayne.  The reasons are definitely compelling:  Persons 25-54 AQH Ratings were 91% higher in 32 PPM markets last Holiday survey, including some heritage brands like B101/Philadelphia and KSFI/Salt Lake City pulling more than 1/3rd of all listeners in that demo.  All the numbers can be found in the August 2010 PPM Client Briefing published by Arbitron©.  Of course, there are risks involved with strategies to flip too soon versus the chance someone else beats you to the punch.  The key is to be ready to go at a moment’s notice as soon as you feel it’s the right timing (unless you’re fortunate to own the Christmas position in your market from doing it successfully over the years) … Stations in Cincinnati, Lafayette, Albany, Syracuse, Kansas City, and Grand Rapids all made the switch on November 1 this year!

Tom Taylor’s newsletter, TRI – Taylor on Radio Info, has been publishing tips for competing against Holiday Formats – sign up for his newsletter here.  Some of the highlights: Continue reading

It’s Christmastime

Chances are it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas somewhere in your market … even if it’s just a conference room, production studio, or Selector database.  Arbitron lays out holiday listening facts on Page 34 of their just released August 2010 PPM Client Briefing.  If you’re considering the “Christmas Music” tactic move, it’s pretty compelling data: Continue reading

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