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‘American Idol’ vs. ‘The Voice’: A Social-TV Scorecard (Ad Age)

It’s a bit of an overstatement to say that Fox‘s “American Idol” and NBC’s “The Voice” are locked in a head-to-head battle. While NBC clearly aimed to ding Fox’s franchise by scheduling the second season of “The Voice” to run in the same part of the year as “Idol,” the shows air on different days of the week and have differing rhythms (not to mention very different direct competition on other networks).

That said, it’s impossible to resist comparing how the shows are performing against each other, so to speak. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Shirley Halperin did that recently and concluded that “Idol” has the clear ratings edge: “Even with a ratings slump, most networks would kill for the show’s numbers,” she wrote. (Her whole piece is worth reading because she really digs into the numbers — examining, for instance, what happens when you factor out the freakishly huge post-Super Bowl ratings of the Season 2 premiere of “The Voice”).

But which show has its viewers more engaged? For a social-TV perspective on the “Idol” vs. “Voice” matchup, Ad Age worked with our editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm. Scroll down below the infographic for some context.

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State of the Union

State Of The Union … at News/Talk Radio

Don’t worry, this post is not as long as Tuesday night’s State of the Union.  Actually, I can summarize the way I saw news/talk radio coverage of the address in one word:  “disappointing.”  Forget that most news junkies are watching on television.  Forget that Fox News Channel, CNN, even MSNBC will have the big name pundits your station can’t book.  Forget the speech may run as late as 10:30 in the East.  Forget that your AM station may have a limited signal or pattern at night.  It doesn’t matter.  My random check of a dozen news/talk stations around the country left much to be desired.

Music Formats, don’t stop reading.  I’ll have a challenge for you at the end!

The always focused Mark Ramsey sent me a Tweet early into the President’s address which said, “Failing grade on audience interaction during #SOTU:  KFI…WINS…Bueller?…Bueller?”  (From @markramseymedia.  Follow me on Twitter @scottsandsmedia.)  The “positioning statement” for Mark’s company is simply “sync radio and digital media” – which you think might be easy for such a major political event that lends itself so naturally to the news/talk format.

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Less “Idol Worship” in America?

FOX-TV’s premiere of AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 is the lowest rated since 2004.   The show received a 13.8 rating (Adults 18-49), down 13% from last year according to Nielsen data.  This despite extensive promotion by the network.  Promotional inventory for programs on hiatus due to the Writer’s Strike, such as 24, was diverted to AI.  This isn’t good news since the second show of the week each season is typically lower than the first.  Many bloggers have also commented on SIMON COWELL’s “kinder and gentler” attitude on night one, although I don’t believe that has anything to do with the ratings.

This news comes on top of top of recent announcements by J/RCA RECORDS  that former Idols KATHERINE McPHEE, RUBEN STUDDARD, and TAYLOR HICKS were dropped from their label deals.

So, how will this affect the decisions of radio programmers this year?   Many of us have spent the past few years scheduling KELLY CLARKSON, DAUGHTRY, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, ELLIOT YAMIN, and even CLAY AIKEN (and others) in high rotation.  Songs like “Bad Day” by DANIEL POWTER even got a second chance at life thanks to exposure on the show, as well as artists from MEAT LOAF to FUEL.

Personally, I’m no fan of the show or the “artists” it produces (although DAUGHTRY has come the closest to winning me over, but that’s another blog).

Let me say now that it’s far too soon to get the first nail ready for the AI coffin.  The show’s 13.8 rating still means 33.2 million people watched — that’s more exposure than many of our radio stations, combined.  Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll still have new Idols to play in a few months along with past Idols that find a way to stay relevant like KELLY & DAUGHTRY.

And, the show will make us consider at least a few songs from other artists given mainstream exposure by the show.   I just heard a song by somebody named FARRIS or FERRIS on CAPITOL RECORDS that will be the “exit song” for a couple weeks in February.  It’s a boring ballad, but it’s probably a hit.

Meanwhile, check out my buddy GRAHAM COLTON (Website or MySpace) and his song “Best Days” that will be featured on the show February 5.

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