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For additional references not available on LinkedIn, please contact me directly.

“I am endorsing Scott Sands, who was the Operations Director for me in Indianapolis.  I was blessed to have worked with some of the top Ops & Programming Directors during my career.  Scott was at the top of that list.  Scott is absolutely brilliant, not only as a programmer but in most areas of broadcast operations.  He understands the Big Picture better than any Programmer.  Additionally, his sales savvy far exceeded any OM/PD I have ever encountered or employed.  As the industry evolved into other platforms, Scott took on even greater leadership.  He was one of the first to embrace these new platforms and, frankly, was far in front of other OM/PDs within Entercom and Indianapolis.  Within Entercom, Scott became a ‘go to’ person for an extraordinary number of other stations.  Simply put, I personally would (and do) have Scott Sands on the very top of my short list should I ever decide to leave the golf course and return to `the world’.  I could build a phenomenal organization around the talents of Scott.  I urge you to invest some time in getting to know his tremendous talents.”
Phil Hoover, VP/GM & Market Manager for Entercom Indianapolis, retired (via email)

“Programming and sales traditionally butt heads. Scott is one of the few Program Directors able to navigate between the two departments. While his concern is protecting the product he gets the importance of sales. Scott develops turnkey ideas that not only create value for the listener, but drives traffic for the client. He’s a leader in listener loyalty marketing which paid enormous revenue and audience benefits @ Entercom Indianapolis. Over the years, I’ve reviewed his strategic programming plans. They are well thought out and executed exceptionally well.  Scott is a brilliant programmer and strategist… a perfect match for any broadcaster that wants to take its game to the next level.”  Steve Hartley, Director of Sales, Entercom (worked with Scott at Entercom Communications)

“Smart, current, and definitely not lazy, Scott does what it takes to win. He’s well-versed on-air, on-line, and on-site. People like working with Scott because he’s empathetic and he absolutely has the “leader” gene.”  Steve Godofsky , Senior VP , Entercom, Inc. ( managed Scott indirectly)

“Scott has always been the guy in the room that understands both the sales and programming sides of the business. He is able to incorporate great ideas that enhance listenership and deliver results for the client. Smart, technologically savvy, experienced and a hard worker.”  Tia Martin, Senior Account Executive, Entercom Communications (worked with Scott at Entercom Communications)

“I’ve been in radio for 25 years and I can honestly say that Scott Sands is one of the most knowledgeable Program Directors I’ve ever worked for. Beyond all of the responsibilities of programming a station, and running the day-to-day operations of a broadcasting company, Scott has a “Rainman-Like” grasp of all things digital which sets him apart from most P.D.s in the business. Add to that, if you want to know a little something about P.P.M.- ask Scott!”  Kelly McKay, Radio Personality for WLNK-FM Charlotte (worked with Scott at Entercom Communications)

“I’ve worked with Scott for the past 2.5 years and can say that he is very attentive, detailed and has great passion for his work. I worked with several Program Directors and out of the 9-10 that my show broadcasts to, Scott was the most helpful at integrating my syndicated show into his station. He made me feel like I was part of the WZPL family even though I am located a 1000 miles away. If he’s that attentive to a syndicated show, I can only imagine that he is even more attentive on a local level.  I’ll also say Scott was one of the few PD’s I called to ask for advice as to how to make my show better. He always was insightful and filled with good advice.  He’s a true professional who eats, breathes and sleeps his responsibilities. If you are looking for someone to really integrate himself and take your business or station to the next level, Scott Sands certainly has the capacity to do so.  Kim Iverson , Host – “Your Time With Kim Iverson” , Entercom Communications

“I worked with Scott for 6 years and he is a very talented programming director. He is also well-connected in the music and radio industry. Scott conceptualized and created a number of successful promotions for clients of mine. We always worked well together and I knew that I could count on him!”  Tahlia Dunn , National Sales Manager , Entercom Communications (worked indirectly for Scott)

“Scott’s knowledge of the radio industry is unmatched. His guidance and support were essential to my career development. Scott’s coaching enabled me to secure a regular slot on a nationally syndicated radio program.”  Peter Dunn , Radio Host , Skills Your Dad Never Taught You (worked indirectly for Scott)

“Scott has the ability to digest vast amounts of information, interpret that data, and then develop winning strategies and campaigns that he utilizes to guide his team to meet short and long-term goals.  Scott adds an invaluable advantage to any team he joins.”  Tim Cramer , Creative Services Director , WZPL

“I have known Scott for almost 7 years now. I first worked with him as a vendor and then later at Entercom Communications. Scott is a sharp shooter and was always fair in every situation I dealt with him and his team. Scott is a very hard worker – often remember getting emails from him in the middle of the night!  The words that come to mind with my experience in working with Scott include: leader, detail-oriented, results-driven, and amazing to work with. I hope I get the chance to work again with Scott someday!”  Jennifer Pearson , Digital CS Manager, Entercom Digital , Entercom Communications

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Scott over the past couple of years. He’s a smart radio man who certainly understands the industry very well. I enjoyed exchanging ideas with him about programming and marketing and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him in his new venture.”  Jason Wolfe, VP AM Programming & Operations, Entercom Boston, LLC

“I have worked with Scott for my entire tenure at Entercom. For most corporate-wide projects, he was the Hot AC format “quarterback,” meaning he made sure all the program directors were on the same page, and acted as liaison between us and our VPs. Scott is extremely intelligent, well organized, and a dedicated worker. Technically adept, he is often a step-ahead of the rest when it comes to social media and networking. In my opinion he is one of those rare managers who can step in anywhere and immediately hit the ground running. I look forward to working with him again someday.”   Brian Demay , WTSS Program Director , Entercom Buffalo

“I’ve witnessed Scott transcending the boundaries of manager/employee and into the realm of mentor/friend with his team. This is the highest form of leadership and it’s rare, not only in broadcasting but anywhere.”   Jeff McHugh, Program Director, Entercom

“Scott is an experienced radio vet, with a good combination of Older Media experience, and New Media curiosity. He is focused on the best ways to brand and market in 2010!”  Paul Poteet, Morning Show Cast Member, Meteorologist, Z99.5 WZPL Radio

“Scott Sands and I have a great relationship that started from the first day we met over 10 years ago. Scott is the consummate professional. His detail and strong work ethic are evident in everything he does. His managerial and radio business skills are excellent. I always look forward to doing business with Scott. I know the job at hand will be handled perfectly. I highly recommend Scott for whatever business dealings you might have with him.”  Gary Triozzi , Owner , GT Entertainment

“Scott is as dedicated as they come to the accomplishment of the mission. He loves radio with all his passion. Thorough and professional – he knows how to get it done.”   Reg Johns , President , Fairwest

“I have worked with Scott for close to 10 years and in that time he has been a proven leader. His ability to manage people, events, and those surrounding the sports/entertainment industry is something to be admired.  In this industry (sports and entertainment) there are always situations that will require immediate attention and someone with quick problem-solving skills that can also remain calm and get things done. This is Scott. He is honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to his work. He pays close attention to detail, is efficient, organized, and manages time well while being a team player with a positive attitude.  I worked with Scott on numerous events with the Colts and the IRL (Indy 500 events) and one important quality that Scott exudes is his work ethic – Scott will work at 6am or midnight; whenever you need him and whatever it takes to get the job done. If he is not available, he will always call you back within minutes. I would work with Scott in any capacity and look forward to working with him for years to come. Whatever he touches turns to success.”  Jen Beaver , Owner , All Access Promotions

“Scott is a winner! He is dedicated, knowledgeable and people-friendly. I consider his skills top-notch and point of view such that he makes great leadership decisions. Call me for any additional info at 310-457-6616 of contact me a”  joel denver , President/Publisher , All Access Music Group (

“I’ve known Scott Sands for over 20 years and we became friends at our first meeting. Scott has proven himself to be a winner in all areas of broadcasting including long stints as an air talent, station owner, as a program director/operations manager and consultant to radio. He has always worked hard to maintain his integrity and work ethic as a true lover of the industry and believer in the prospects of new media too.  If you are considering Scott for a position in your company, then know you would be getting a much valued and hard working individual.  Dave Jagger

“Scott has always been a great help in any promotions and advertising we have used for bar/restaurant events. He is always a pleasure to work with carrying a smile on his face and a positive attitude. As a personal contact all I needed to do was place a phone call and he would point me in the right direction.”   Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , On Time  Jade Abel, Manager Kilroy’s sports bars

“I have been fortunate to have been able to work with Scott Sands for the past 10 years. His passion for success is contageous and sets the bar for the others he works with. He is definitely a valuable assett and team member for any company he is a associated with.”   Randy Sadd – Protocol Entertainment , President , Protocol Entertainment

“Scott is a top notch programmer. I was his voice talent for 2 different station’s. He was very organized and and always looking ahead. Good leader and a great man.”   Matt Rawlings , Owner , Matt Rawlings Voice Actor

“Scott’s legacy of strong leadership at Entercom Indy, his success in launching new products in the market, and his understanding of new media has consistently proven to be an asset to his brands and those of us that have partnered with Entercom Indy over the years.”   Joe Montgomery , Marketing Manager , Star Media / Gannett

“For as long as I’ve know Scott, he has been a true leader that has always been attentive to the little details without ever losing sight of the big picture.”  Tom Schmall , Dir of Promo and Marketing , Interscope Records

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