Sourcing Your Show Prep From Twitter

I should be mad at social media & marketing goddess (and fellow WABB & Spring Hill College alum) Stephanie Winans for revealing one of my favorite secrets, but I’m not … I’m mad at her for doing it better!  Over the last couple years, I’ve recommended a few different ways Twitter can be used for self-promotion and show-prep.  Most recently, I set up @click1015 in Dayton with an elaborate set of Lists for this purpose … Lists ranging from Local Personalities, News Outlets, and Tastemakers to Bands We Play, Celebrities, et cetra.  It was easy to “click” a list and look for great content to use on our website and on the air.  Stephanie has taken it a step further by compiling a list of great all purpose show prep Twittererers to Follow.  She also “claims” to have written a How To about Twitter Lists more than two years ago; but, all we have to believe his her word and some date on a blog, so interpret that as you will 🙂

Anyway … Check out the list on her blog here.  

And, bookmark her site here.  She’s got something great to say every day!  I hate her for that, too.  🙂  Kidding, Stephanie!

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