Facebook Timeline for Pages is Here (and that’s a good thing)

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Early this morning, Facebook quietly activated Timeline for Facebook Pages allowing your brand to create a more robust and visually appealing landing page similar to Timeline for Facebook profiles launched a few months ago.  Timeline will have a minor affect on your tabs and applications; but, has many new benefits too.  However, keep in mind that Newsfeed is still tremendously more important for engaging your consumers than your new landing page.

Facebook explains Timeline for Pages here.

You’ll get best results for your “cover” photo if it is 850×315 (pixels) or larger.  Facebook will not allow a “call to action” in your cover photo; i.e. no pricing, opt-in, like our page, free download, or the like.  You’ll see best results for your “headshot” photo if it is at least 150×150 pixels.  Here are some other links you may find helpful as you convert your brand page to the new Timeline.  For specific recommendations, advice, or help converting to Timeline just call me at 317-496-7268.

The Complete Facebook Timeline Guide – Mashable
Why Newsfeed Still Trumps Timeline – Mashable
Timeline for Pages Product Guide – Techcrunch
Timeline for Pages – InsideFacebook

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