Engage Your Brand Advocates, Not Your “Fans” (Likes)

Brands have been intensely focusing on racking up the “likes” on their Facebook page through various marketing tactics such as offering incentives, investing in Facebook ads, and more.   According to a recent Ehrenberg-Bass study, now you can add this stat: Only 1% of Facebook fans engage with brands.  So how do you overcome these obstacles and increase brand engagement? Focus not just on your fans, but on your fanatics (AKA your Brand Advocates) to share your content with their friends.
Via blog.zuberance.com

2 Responses to “Engage Your Brand Advocates, Not Your “Fans” (Likes)”

  1. Well put, I’ve heard the same thing from prominent Social Media Marketers as well. I wonder if they’ll listen though? Likes are fine, but they do not generate the kind of interest the Brands are looking for.

  2. I agree. But I believe it is also important to engage your critics! See why:

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