National EAS Test Results: “C-“

The highly anticipated (by emergency management officials and broadcast operators) nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System was met this afternoon by mixed results.  Many stations failed to air the nationwide test at all.  Others received program interrupt tones, but no message.  Some failed to receive the EOM tone to resume programming.  Others report incredibly poor audio.  A few relayed the test just fine.  And, at least some operators including DirecTV, broadcast a Lady Gaga song where the message should have aired.

Lance Venta of compiled some actual audio clips of stations around the country.  Radio Geeks will enjoy listening to to the results.  Fortunately, this was only a test.  Unfortunately, it was a test 10 years in the planning.  Let’s hope the next test comes much sooner and that the actual nationwide activation is never required.

My personal experience at the Main Line Broadcasting cluster in Dayton found only marginal success.  We received the program interrupt, followed by thirty seconds of heavy static, and the end-of-message tone.  Our audio is included in the list below.

880 WCBS New York
92.9 WGTZ Dayton
101.5 WCLI Dayton
93.7 KLBJ-FM Austin
96.7 KHFI Austin
95.7 WRIT Milwaukee
102.1 WLUM Milwaukee
96.5 KRBZ Kansas City
106.7 WMHX Hershey, PA
107.1 WRFN-LP Nashville
WCCO Minneapolis
WSOX Red Lion, PA
WMXC Mobile
KNRS Salt Lake City
KBOI Boise
WODE Easton, PA
WPRV Providence
Here’s the engineering staff at WBAM-FM Montgomery 
watching their EAS unit receive the data.

The New York Times and WTOP report on some of the hiccups seen nationwide.

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