Project Leap Frog


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If that sounds like a children’s pre-school activity, you’re not too far off. It’s actually the name of tests Arbitron(c) is conducting to improve reliability of data in non-electronically measured (PPM) markets.

Brad Feldhaus, VP/Diary, and Bill Rose, SVP/Marketing, detailed the project in a company webinar earlier today. The goals of Project Leapfrog include: larger samples to reduce bounce within smaller demographic cells, improved representation of the market’s full population, collection via web and mobile devices more relevant to younger consumers, and moving towards 100% address-based sample which should reach more cell phone only households.

Other highlights:

  • Test phases include packaging materials in an official-looking box or envelope, whether it’s better to pay incentives only at the end of a completed one week survey, and if automated phone calls increased participation, provision of paper diaries upon request only to participants who do not want to respond online or by mobile device
  • Some testing conducted last June and this past April; plans to begin large-scale field tests starting in late May of this year in most medium non-PPM markets – although no station specific data will be evaluated yet
  • June 2010 testing saw higher than average returns from 18-34 year old sample
  • Top 50 markets will continue PPM only technology; Leap Frog will help better serve the remaining 250 non-electronically measured markets
  • Leap Frog is still “experimental” and will not be implemented until fully reviewed at the completion of ongoing tests
  • No date for real implementation suggested; however, this will most likely be part of field research/testing during the Spring & Summer Dayton survey period

So, the wobbles continue in diary markets and the struggle to reach CPO households continues to grow; albeit hopefully with an end (or at least improvements) in sight.

What do you think of these “efforts” to improve Arbitron’s diary market services?  Leave your comments below.


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