What If Charlie Sheen Was Your Morning Guy? (Part 1)

Ask any radio (or TV) manager that’s been in the role for any length of time, and they’ll have a great story about some talent who got in trouble and caused the station a little bad press.  They may have even had cause to fire the talent for their public behavior.  We’ve had recent stories of morning shows busted for porn, burning down restaurants, embezzlement, theft, soliciting a minor, even a murder!  But, what if CHARLIE SHEEN was your morning guy?  Do you have a plan to handle potential public relations or talent management nightmares that never come with advance warning?

I’ll speak with some highly respected managers, talent coaches, and crisis communications experts for suggestions in two of my next blog posts before Friday.

Part 1 – Talent’s Perspective
Part 2 – Management/Coach’s Perspective
Part 3 – Actual Crisis PR Suggestions (coming ASAP – pending review by crisis communication experts in the public relations field)

First, you have to ask whether it really would be a bad thing if “Charlie Sheen” was your morning guy.  You might share the mindset of these high profile radio personalities that having such a controversial figure represent your brand could actually be … good.

  • If I was Charlie Sheen’s boss, Id let him be.  Let the artist entertain.  That could never happen in ‘real’ radio, though.  Some PD would have to water it down and remove the sting.  Why?  #duh!  Seemingly, most PDs don’t like #winning!”  Mancow, The Mancow Show, syndicated through Talk Radio Network
  • He is a lightning rod.  Passive does not mean passion.  Let him go as long as he doesn’t piss off the big client.  Female balance is a necessity …  Bottom line is no one is being talked about more than Charlie Sheen.  That means people are turning into your station.  Is that bad?” — Danny Czekalinski, formerly of WRMF West Palm Beach, superstar talent available for hire, contact me for his number!
  • He’s like a dream come true.  Let him rant.  Great, real radio.”  — Dave Smiley, WZPL
  • If you doubted the existence of a higher power, the ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’ (Charlie) should move even the most agnostic off the fence.”  — Paige Nienaber, #winning promotional misfit, buy his book or hire him
  • Charlie would have HUGE ratings! He is unpredictable and dangerous. That makes for great radio in an industry that has become safe and boring on-air. It would take special management with the courage to win. Good luck getting Charlie to do traffic & weather together!”  Steve Shannon, another great talent available for hire, contact me for his number!

To be updated with more comments from Talent’s perspective throughout the morning.  Look for the PD/GM perspective and expert suggestions in the next posts.  Please, leave your own comments below!


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