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I’ve read an increasing number of comparisons between local radio “Half Price Deals” and Groupon lately.  In much the same way that radio has been playing music for generations pre-dating Pandora, radio (and newspapers) have offered listeners exclusive discount offers long before Groupon was ever a sparkle in Wall Street’s eyes.  Unfortunately, they’re both flashy newcomers which pose the latest risk to radio’s audience base and revenue streams.

Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Media writes in his blog today about the internet couponing phenomenon.  It’s worth reading his call to action for radio to do a better job than Groupon with targeted deals that consistently appeal to listeners; aka relationship marketing.

As you read his conclusion, keep this new data from The Media Audit in mind:

  • 49.9% of all US consumers 18+ report using a coupon within the past 30 days – that increases to 53.8% where household income exceeds $75,000!
  • Consumers with a college degree are 15% more likely to have used a coupon in the past 30 days;
  • 58.7% of coupon users are female;
  • “Empty Nesters” and Unmarried Couples with No Children are more likely to use coupons;
  • Caucasians are the most likely coupon users; Hispanics the least likely.

Source:  The Media Audio 2010 National Report, soon to be released.

The Media Audit:  “Typical Coupon User Profile May Surprise You” (2/24/2011)

In other words, “Radio Deals” (such as the “Daily Deals” product offered by Triton Media) are not just more sales inventory — they are valuable benefits your station can offer listeners as a reward for engaging your brand.  Of course, they can also be a terrific source of non-spot revenue too!  However, you can’t just put every deal you can find on your website and expect the program to work.  You need to present the right product categories for your audience, enthusiastically promote the offers with talent endorsements, and package them as part of your brand’s overall loyalty and engagement marketing strategy.

The relationship between your station, your talent, and your listeners has tremendous value; not only in terms of dollars, but also as one more way to keep your listeners coming back for more.

I’d love to hear what Deals have worked for you and how you promote your deals on-air.  Leave me a comment below.


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