PPM Panelists Will Shock You!


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Radio Programmers have targeted “diary types” for years, carefully executing marketing strategies and contesting to reach an audience most likely to report listening to their station in Arbitron’s “diary methodology.”  But, what about today’s “PPM type?”  What kind of listeners are part of Arbitron’s Portable People Meter ratings panel today?

Mark Ramsey speaks with Allen Kepler of Broadcast Architecture, the company responsible for a new “unauthorized” look behind the curtain of your new ratings methodology.  You’ve got to watch Mark’s video interview posted to his blog today.

Why do they do it?  Do they follow the rules?  Do they even know it’s about radio, or do they think it’s about all media?  What do they think of the meters themselves and are they embarrassed to be seen wearing one?  Is it true that multiple households kept their meters moving by attaching them to ceiling fans?  And what should you do to target the kind of folks who are likely to be panelists?

Click here to go to Mark Ramsey’s article.


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