Who’s On Your List?

Twitter doesn’t have to be strictly a one-way medium to push out messages, commentary, or tease upcoming content.  It can also become an invaluable tool for crowdsourcing on-air content.  For example, “The 20” is a new experiment at NBC O&O television stations in New York and Washington DC.

Twitter and Facebook are fairly common in TV news already; primarily, as either a quick shot of someone at a computer in the newsroom looking at the station’s Facebook page reading viewer responses to the hot stories.  Now, these stations hope to shape their newscast content itself “by following 20 individuals who shpae the local conversation.”  The select group of local influencers will provide content through Twitter and Tumblr, with the most interesting topics or most popular trends guiding the news department assignment desk on which stories to cover, and potentially editorial direction.  Each station will select their local twenty by “combine input from social media organizations and factor in the trending local headlines and the topics driving the local conversation … as these stories and ideas change, [the] list will as well.”  NBC expects to launch “The 20” in all of their markets within coming months.

Steal their idea today!

Every personality, and program director, should create their own list, or multiple lists.  Identify a group of the biggest tastemakers, both in your community, and nationally, relevant to your target audience.  Assign them a list that you can monitor on a regular basis during the day for content, thought starters, opinion trends, or feedback.

Coming up with a list for talk hosts and news stations is easy:  local politicians, political bloggers, etc.

It might be appropriate for some music program directors to list club deejays to stay on top of which records are creating a buzz.

Bar Managers and bartenders might be appropriate on some lists.  Every market has their own “movers and shakers” and local celebrities who love to be heard.  And, don’t neglect creating a national list to keep an eye on the big picture trends.

You don’t even necessarily mention your list on the air.  It’s just another weapon in your arsenal to keep your brand relevant and timely.

Think about it.  I’d love to hear who you put on your list and how you’re using social media for crowdsourcing ideas/content.  Leave a comment below.


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