No Surprise, Disney Gets Database Marketing Right (Too)

Last night, Tara & I took our son and his cousin to see Disney’s “Toy Story on Ice” at Conseco Fieldhouse (yes, instead of watching the NFL Championship games).  I bought tickets online a few weeks ago, received them by mail in time, and had no problems.  This morning I received a thank you email for attending the show from Feld Entertainment, the show’s producer.  Kudos!

The email was short and to the point:  “I’d like to thank you for attending … We value you as a customer and hope you had a magical time.  We know you have several choices when selecting family entertainment, and we appreciate your patronage.”  Signed, Kenneth Feld, CEO.

Obviously, this is was automatically sent by a mail-bot.  But, it caught me off-guard and was a pleasant surprise this morning.  Now, I’ve spent a majority of my life in the radio business.  I don’t think I’ve bought tickets for anything other than a game since … well, maybe never … so, this may be common practice today.  If not, Live Nation and other promoters should do the same.  You’ve already captured the customer’s email address at the time of online purchase, you know the date of the show attending, and your database mail software does the rest.  Add a nice personal sounding touch from someone important and voila … one more touchpoint with your consumer leaving a positive impression.

By the way, at the bottom of Feld’s email was a graphic from Disney on Ice sponsor Kraft Singles to solicit “For more great ways to bring delicious fun to your family, Like us on” … result:  increased sponsorship value and implied Disney endorsement.

The only thing missing from the mail piece was some kind of bounce-back incentive to join their mailing list, purchase tickets for their next event at a discount, receive some reward from a partner, et cetra.

Otherwise, I commend the Feld Entertainment team on their apparently comprehensive marketing strategy.

Live Nation, Ticketmaster, AEG Live, Colts, Pacers – will I see you’re also doing this when I buy my next ticket?  How do you use email and your database to build brand loyalty?  Love to hear, just comment below.


One Response to “No Surprise, Disney Gets Database Marketing Right (Too)”

  1. Although, my business revolves around specialty technology rather than entertainment, I still rely on reaching out and touching as many people as I can to build and maintain brand awareness. Our website platform is hosted by Hubspot. They include some database management within the CMS.

    Landing pages are very crucial to the design of our site. Whenever a visitor fills out a form on a landing page, we capture that information and follow up with a lead nurturing campaign. From there, I export the list into our Constant Contact DB where I can keep tabs with a monthly Newsletter, unless they opt out! Gotta play by the Can-Spam laws!

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