Follow Up: Christmas Format Success 2010

Christmas in the post-War United States

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A couple months ago, I posted my advocacy for “The Christmas Format” on stations with appropriate format and competitive situations (including a few suggestions and points of consideration).  Arbitron(c) ratings nationally reflect the reason why … and numbers don’t lie:

  • WLTW (New York City, Clear Channel, AC):  12.3 AQH Share
  • KOST (Los Angeles, Clear Channel, AC):  9.3 AQH Share
  • WLIT (Chicago, Clear Channel, AC):  12.1 AQH Share
  • KESZ (Phoenix, Clear Channel, AC):  up 4.7 to 13.0 AQH Share
  • KRWM (Seattle, Sandusky, AC):  up 5.1 to 10.0 AQH Share
  • WLTE (Minneapolis, CBS, AC):  up 4.1 to 8.8 AQH Share
  • KYXY (San Diego, CBS, AC):  up 4.0 to 9.7 AQH Share
  • KODA (Houston, Clear Channel, AC):  12.0 AQH Share
  • KOSI (Denver, Entercom, AC):  up 5.4 to 11.0 AQH Share
  • WBEB (Philadelphia, Jerry Lee, AC):  15.5 AQH Share
  • WASH (Washington DC, Clear Channel, AC):  12.0 AQH Share

Arbitron’s “Holiday Book,” which spanned the dates November 11 through December 8 but was not included in the Fall 3-month rolling average, brought huge cume and listening occassions to the Christmas format.  The format traditionally performed well under “diary methodology;” but, PPM (Portable People Meter) reflects its real strength.

Who’s thinking strategically about December 2011 now?

One Response to “Follow Up: Christmas Format Success 2010”

  1. Spot on – and did you see cume in NYC at 7mil? Interestingly; our heritage AC in Memphis ‘peaked’ in Dec and actually went ‘down’ a few tenths for the ‘holiday’…Great read as always!

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