Building Followers Through Contesting

You might see a few of your music loving friends posting this update soon:  “Tweet to meet @Maroon5 and @OneRepublic in Houston and win a trip to their show! #HandsAllOver #Secrets.”  One winner, chosen randomly from all of these identical Tweets, wins a flight to Houston with a friend, hotel, tickets for the 10/22 concert, $200 cash, and backstage passes.

The contest is promoted by Maroon 5 & One Republic (of course), Interscope Records (label for both bands), and Live Nation (concert promoter for national tour).  By using proprietary Twitter client “TweetToMeet,” fans are directed to a co-branded contest entry page that makes it very simple to enter – just click the huge red “Tweet” button on the contest page.  Contests that choose winners from a pool of status updates posted to Twitter, Facebook, etc are nothing new … but, the integration of this TweetToMeet app is brilliant!  It accomplishes two things simultaneously:

  • Posts the identical status update to the user’s Twitter account – complete with the @reply for both bands and includes the #hashtag for both artist’s new CD (increasing their presence on search engines and live Twitter search);
  • Automatically places @Maroon5, @OneRepublic, @LiveNation, and @Interscope on the user’s Follow list (increasing their reach);
  • Oh, three things … and registers the user in this contest efficiently and effortlessly.

I did not investigate the response in depth, but one search did show at least 2-thousand entries to date.  It’s hard to say if the parties would consider that number to be a success.  It certainly won’t help the bands overtake Justin Bieber’s dominance of Twitter.  Although, most of the entrants likely follow Maroon 5 or OneRepublic already, it probably does build the number of Followers on Live Nation and Interscope’s list.  Plus, if you assume each entrant has 130 Followers of their own, then it increases the reach of the promotion to a potential audience of more than 20-thousand people.

As I said, this probably is not the first such contest … but, it definitely will not be the last.  I’d love to hear your plans to integrate social media with your contesting, or tricks you’ve tried – with or without success – to build your network.  Share in the Comments below.

Parting Thought:  I wonder if the contest would have a greater impact through partnerships with local radio simply by using custom versions of the Twitter client to include the partner radio station as an automatic follow to each user.  Radio would then have a reason to promote the contest.  But, I’m sure Legal would need to see contest rules 🙂

2 Responses to “Building Followers Through Contesting”

  1. Any idea who put this service together for all the parties involved? My cable advertising clients who are dabbling in the Twitterverse could use this to build some real equity with their accounts!
    The automatic addition of the client/band to your follow list is the real genius part here.

  2. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for the client app last night on Google, but it seems like it’s something proprietary to Live Nation … maybe not. It shows up as TweetToMeet.m5.1r when allowing the app to access your Twitter account. I’m sure the source could be found if you dig for it. I’ll look around later. Post another comment if you find it first! Thanks for reading!

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