The Scotty Network

The Social Network, a film about Mark Zuckerberg and the launch of Facebook, opened nationally today amidst much chatter – because of the questionable ethics surrounding Zuckerberg, and because it’s a pretty good movie.  Scott Wise, owner/founder of Indiana based Scotty’s Brewhouse with 6 locations, also recognized it as a promotional opportunity for his chain of restaurants.  Scott, along with Bruce McClain and the rest of his team, are not afraid of taking chances promotionally.  This is the same crew who encouraged patrons to submit videos of themselves high-diving and kicking field goals to win gift certificates or play “Scotty’s Survivor.”  VIP patrons can earn rewards, using a loyalty program administered through Aloha POS software.  And, it’s the same Scott Wise who has embraced social media marketing perhaps more successfully than any other retail establishment in the state.  Scotty’s has three of the top ten Indiana check-in venues on Foursquare.  He personally has more than 5,000 followers to his @brewhouse Twitter account and has become a popular speaker on the subject.
So, it’s only natural that Scott would embrace the release of The Social Network for his company’s gain.  Presenting … Scotty’s Network, a two-minute video spoof of the film’s trailer starring Scott, members of his team, his restaurants and social presence, and local celebrities like Dave Smiley and Paul Poteet
[Click-through to watch the video at the end of this post and read more about The Scotty Network viral promotion]

Scotty’s Network premiered at a local movie theatre immediately before two special screenings of The Social Network – with 273 pairs of admission tickets given away by Scotty’s Brewhouse!  The first 150 winners received movie passes as a reward for the purchase of a VIP card, Scotty’s t-shirt, or Mug Club Mug after posting a picture of the receipt to Facebook or Twitter.  The remainder were chosen randomly from comments posted to Scotty’s Facebook page.  Of course, following the two screenings, a special after party was held at Scotty’s 96th Street location.

As with most social media marketing campaigns, it’s hard to immediately measure results.  But, for what I estimate to have cost less than $5-thousand, Scotty’s Brewhouse executed a very successful promotion.  Let’s just assume it sparked at least 150 new merchandise or VIP membership sales, likely accompanied by drinks or a meal in one of his locations.  And, let’s assume the average Facebook user has 130 friends – all of whom saw posts and pictures about Scotty’s in their newsfeed at least once.  Plus, any comments and Tweets and Foursquare check-ins and post-event comments.  Oh, not to mention the direct personal interaction with customers at the movie and party … buzz from chatter on Smiley’s morning radio program and Paul’s podcast … nearly 1,000 YouTube views of the trailer in the first 24 hours and countless video views on Facebook.  I would say it was $5,000 well invested to building an even stronger loyal consumer base for Scotty’s.  (Try their loaded tater tots?  Yum!)

So, that begs the question:  What did YOU do to capitalize on The Social Network release to build your social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare?  Leave your comments below.

Follow Scott @brewhouse and Bruce @sbh_bruce … and follow Sands Media LLC @scottsandsmedia.  Here’s the video spoof of Scotty’s Network:

2 Responses to “The Scotty Network”

  1. UPDATE: The Scotty Network video was seen by another 600+ people over the weekend.

  2. Hey Scott, Merry Christmas. Let’s stay in touch.

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