Are You “Like”-able?

Facebook released new statistics on Wednesday that really showcases the power of the “Like” button.  The bottom line is that people who click the Facebook Like button are more engaged, active and connected than the average Facebook user … they have 2.4-times more friends and click 5.3-times more links to external sites than most Facebook users.  This means websites with a “Like” button through Facebook Connect get significantly more traffic, visitors, page views, and time spent online.

So, as Mark Ramsey pointed out on Twitter, why don’t more radio station websites integrate the simple plug-in?  For that matter, why doesn’t *every* website?

Facebook also claims engagement can increase by 100-300% by publishing compelling updates to those who “Like” you; citing ABC News +190%, Gawker +200%, Sporting News +500%, and deep site growth for

Action Steps:

  • Implement plug-ins such as the Like button on your site.  When a person clicks it, your content is republished to their friends with a link back to your site, adds the content to their profile, and increases search discovery.  Find out how.
  • Publish compelling status updates, interact with the people who like you, increasing your on-page engagement by 100-300%.
  • Integrate the Activity Feed or Recommendations plug-ins prominently.  Optimize your Like button to show Friends near your best content.
  • Engage users with the Live Stream in real time during events.

By the way, please be sure to “Like” the new Sands Media Facebook Page next time you’re on the site and Follow Us on Twitter @scottsandsmedia

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