It’s Christmastime

Chances are it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas somewhere in your market … even if it’s just a conference room, production studio, or Selector database.  Arbitron lays out holiday listening facts on Page 34 of their just released August 2010 PPM Client Briefing.  If you’re considering the “Christmas Music” tactic move, it’s pretty compelling data:

  • Persons 25-54 AQH Ratings were 91% higher for holiday formatted stations during the holiday period compared to their average rating for January through June 2010;
  • B101 Philadelphia had almost a 30% share of the market;
  • A full one-third of Salt Lake City listeners tuned into KSFI-FM on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day;
  • WNIC-FM Detroit, KSNE-FM Las Vegas, and KSFI-FM Salt Lake City tripled AQH listening during the 2009 holiday survey;
  • 32 of 33 PPM measured holiday stations enjoyed AQH gains among Persons 25-54 (Miami the only exception);
  • Daily Cume Rating for Persons 25-54 grew steadily each week from November 26 through Christmas Day;
  • The growth is consistent in every market, except Miami.

It seems like a no brainer; but, every market is different and there are certainly other considerations before you hop on the bandwagon

What is the likelihood of a direct holiday music competitor? 
What are the risks of making the move too early? 
In a head-to-head holiday battle, what role will marketing play to be top of mind with listeners as The Christmas Station? 
When do you show your hand to the market?  The numbers make a great case for advance selling that books Q4 dollars, but how might the advance intel affect competitor plans?
Most importantly, what is your strategy to capitalize on the audience boost during the holidays to make your brand stronger when all the gifts have been unwrapped?

Leave your comments below and share your Christmas format experience.  If you would like to brainstorm your unique situation and potential holiday music opportunities, call me at 317-496-7268 or send me a note.


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