NFL “Role Model” for your Radio Cluster

Last night, I sent a tweet @scottsands during the NFL pre-game show on NBC.  Around 7:30pm, during the height of entertainment between Taylor Swift and Dave Matthews Band performances, I saw perhaps a network television first … NBC gave promotional airtime to direct competitors CBS, FOX, and ESPN.

NBC tossed to CBS Sports, who promoted their first television game this weekend, who then tossed to FOX and then on to ESPN to plug Monday Night Football.  This took a lot of courage for NBC to allow.  Of course, the pre-game show was produced by the NFL Network on behalf of the NFL (which has the most to gain from using the season kick-off to promote all the league’s upcoming games).  But, at some point, NBC would have needed to agree to this negotiation point. 

But, in the end, all the networks win from the increased consumer interest in all the games.  So, let’s put this in perspective for our radio programmers …Synergy has been a major point of conversation within some major radio groups for the past couple years.  Radio has stubbornly treated co-owned properties as competitive entities … the result of decades of fierce market rivalries prior to consolidation.  It’s silly.  You have nothing to lose by cross-promoting great content on a sister station and everything to win as they reciprocate.

NBC has always done a great job of cross-promotion.  If you watch an episode of Law & Order, you’ll see promos for next week’s episode alongside promos for Special Victim’s Unit and Criminal Intent.  NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, USA, BRAVO, etc also dedicate substantial promotional time for sister networks programming during appropriate shows.

Radio should do the same thing.  Everybody runs promos teasing the big contest at lunch, what’s coming up on the afternoon and night shows, and lots of plugs for the next day’s morning show … sometimes, you can even get the jocks to talk about each other in addition to the recorded promos 🙂

But, why aren’t we doing a better job promoting great content on sister stations in the cluster?  If the CHR morning show happens to land an interview with a Tiger Woods mistress right after the scandal breaks, chances are listeners on the rock and sports stations in your cluster might want to hear it too!  The CHR can reciprocate for the rock station next time they get a huge rock star to come play live in the studio or direct listeners to the sports station for breaking news about Tom Brady’s car accident.  Everybody wins.

Take it a step further, and make sure PDs and Talent within the company share great content nationally for use on air or on line. 

It certainly takes overcoming a long, instinctive silo mentality among both programmers and talent.  But, it will be much easier to accept once everyone sees the ratings (and revenue) benefits that will result.

Do you have an example of great cross-promotion within your cluster?  Or, do you disagree with me?  Leave your comments below …


One Response to “NFL “Role Model” for your Radio Cluster”

  1. Great blog on the NFL . I love coming here and interacting with others. Sports is just what the doctor ordered. Keep up the great blog.

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