Why should you buy ads on streaming radio or websites?

Scarborough has just released a new “Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer” report, available for download here.

According to the study, Digital Savvy Consumers (DSC) are:

  • 56% more likely than average consumers to own or lease a luxury vehicle;

  • 175% more likely to have spent $500 or more on men’s or women’s business clothing during the past year; and,

  • 49% more likely to own a second home.

The DSC group are very active with online shopping and just as likely to make high-end purchases such as automobiles and travel online as they are books and clothing.

  • 54% of DSC group spent more than $500 online last year;
  • 35% of DSC group spent upwards of $1,000 online in the past year.

Digital Savvy Consumers have an active lifestyle, rely on cell phones for communication/information, a majority use their cell phone for email, and they enjoy athletic leisure activities like basketball, yoga, free weight training, and jogging.  They are:

  • 44% Female
  • 77% under the age of 44
  • 132% are more likely to have a household income over $150,000/year
  • 57% have a household income over $75,000/year

CONCLUSION:  Digital Savvy Consumers are tastemakers in the community.  They have embraced new technologies as part of their life, leisure, and workplace – setting trends and predicting future behavior of other consumers on a national level.

Digital Savvy Consumers are classified in the DSC group by Scarborough if they satisfy eight or more of the following consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns:

  • Ownership:  PDA, DVR/Tivo, satellite radio, VOIP (internet phone), iPod or MP3 player, HDTV
  • Internet Usage:  online banking or bill paying, blogging, online gaming, podcast or music downloads, video streaming, instant messaging, streaming audio
  • Cell Phone Usage:  download ringtones, download video games, email, text or other short-form messaging, streaming video, internet browsing, streaming audio

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