If it’s too loud, you’re too wired!

There has been one under-reported, yet very important, finding in the “Internet & Multimedia 2008 Study” conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research — the number of workers listening to broadcast radio via streaming instead of traditional receivers is dramatically on the rise!

In fact, the percentage of terrestrial radio listeners who tuned-in via the Internet rather than a radio grew from 12% to 20% in less than one year.

Educated consumers are more likely to use streaming media than listeners without a college degree, by 18%.

Larry Rosin, the President of Edison Media Research, concludes “For a growing number of people, obviously especially among those whose work is in front of a computer all day, the Internet is simply a better solution for ‘radio’ listening than a traditional AM/FM Radio.


Download the study here.

Download online listening slides here.

Download podcast research here.

Watch the Infinite Dial Webcast here.

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