Focus Focus Focus

Any political junkie like me knows Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton kept her presidential aspirations alive with yesterday’s win in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. And, as a Republican, I don’t have a dog in that hunt. However, I think a bigger story has gone unreported today — Hillary’s fundraising.

Yesterday, news reports had the Clinton campaign $10-million in debt with $9-million in the bank. Today, they report $10-million in contributions during the past 24-hours, following her Pennsylvania win.

That number might be exaggerated, but I bet not by much.

It’s easy to generate that kind of money, or direct that kind of response from a passionate consumer base, if you have one concise focused message. In the case of Hillary Clinton, it was “Go to and send money to keep up the momentum.

She didn’t talk about her speech transcripts. She didn’t talk about her calendar of appearances. She didn’t talk about her blog or store. She had one simple message — go to [my] website and donate to keep the campaign alive.

In radio, we used to call it “one thought per break.”**

If you listen to the promotional announcements for radio station websites, you’ll hear the “kitchen sink” approach. Radio can be very effective directing eyes online, but we’re even more effective when we remember the old “one thought per break tenet of being a deejay.

Air Talent Tip: What is the one thing you want listeners to do when they visit your website? Is it streaming? Is it downloading podcasts? Is it rewards club membership? You can’t accomplish all three in the same break.

Program Director Tip: Focus your talent on the most important reasons to visit your website. Use analytic resources to measure page views and site traffic to determine what is working, and what is not.

**Courtesy of Mark Ramsey’s Hear 2.0 blog.

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