Radio’s not dead yet.

Arbitron today reports that radio reaches 235-million American listeners every week, up from 232-million in March 2007.  These results will be published in the RADAR 96 network radio ratings survey due March 25.

“The 7,200 RADAR Network-affiliates stations reach 82 percent of people 12 and older, and 84 percent of adults 18-34, 25-54, and 18-49.”

So, despite the repeated attempts from PR firms highly compensated by satellite radio and the cynicism of iPod fanatics, “terrestrial” radio is doing just fine thank you.  We just have to do a better job, as an industry, to get the word to the advertising community as well as enhance our perceptions among potential listeners.

Entercom Communications CEO David Field told analysts last month during the company’s earnings call,

Radio and its integrated capabilities offer far more horsepower today as a marketing vehicle than ever, particularly at a time when so many other marketing competitors face great challenges,” he said. “Radio has always had ubiquitous reach; now we also have a powerful arsenal of diverse marketing tools and increasingly creative marketing ideas for our customers.

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