Apple & Sony add more competition for radio.

Tech Blogs today report on two developments which add further competition for terrestrial radio broadcasters.

Apple’s iTunes Music Store is reportedly close to announcing their “all you can eat” plan. These digital smorgasbords allow users to pay a monthly subscription rate in exchange for unlimited downloads. These downloads are deactivated when the subscription is canceled. In case you don’t know, iTunes is now the country’s top music retail destination. So, no – don’t worry – this won’t have any effect on consumer music choices.

Sony today announced 20 additional players for its PSP (PlayStation Portable) Internet Radio feature. The new players offer a vast range of genres from 80’s to Classical to British pop to mainstream channels. These additions complement the 22,000 stations already streaming to the Sony PSP via AOL’s SHOUTcast Radio and Icecast. I don’t want you to worry this is a big deal either; so, ignore the fact that more than 50% of PSP users listen to music on their system. Since the PSP runs Wi-Fi, users can now access their favorite music channels from any Internet Hot Spot. But, don’t worry about it.

What do both of these announcements have in common? They’re exclusively centered around music. Music will definitely remain an integral part of the terrestrial radio mix; however, neither is able to compete (yet) with radio’s ability to be local. And, neither offers compelling entertainment content to users. What about your station? Is it just a jukebox with commercials? If so, how will you compete? What is your unique content that other media can not offer?


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