Who needs a label?

Sister Hazel and Collective Soul are just two bands who have proven they can be successful without the support of a major record label. They have continued to sell out venues and generate CD sales from a fan base developed over the years.

Radiohead offered their latest CD as a download, asking fans to pay only what they felt it was worth.

Jill Sobule, best known for her song “I Kissed A Girl,” is the latest to join the list of artists released new music through non-traditional streams. However, in her case, she has generated more than $58-thousand without a finished record!

Sobule’s website asks fans to donate the money she needs to produce a new CD — $75,000 — with different entry levels:

  • $10 “Unpolished Rock” — free digital download of CD
  • $500 “Gold Level” — Sobule will mention your name in a song
  • $10,000 “Weapons Grade Plutonium Level” — lets the donor sing on a track

“The old kind of paradigm, where you’ve always waited for other people to do things, you’d have your manager and your agent … You’d wait for the big record company to give you money to do things and they tell you want to do. This is so great. I want to do everything like this.”

It’s money in the bank, for sure. On the other hand, the idea requires a leap of faith and patience on the part of her fans, which is quite unusual in the world of instant gratification and the ability to “pick and choose” songs you like from iTunes.

Good luck, Jill; but, I’ll wait to hear what my ten bucks will get me first.

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