Relationship Marketing. It’s like a marriage.

I was just turned on to a study by Dr. Arthur Aron at Stony Brook University in New York.  Aron recruited a bunch of middle-aged couples and separated them into three groups based on his initial survey.  One group was instructed to spend 90-minutes/week doing familiar social activities.  The second was to spend 90-minutes/week doing more exciting activities that appealed to both partners in the marriage.  The control group was not given an assignment.

After two months, he again surveyed the couples.  The ones who enjoyed more exciting activities were found to be happier than the other two groups.

Your relationship with loyal customers is much like a marriage — which is why it’s called “relationship marketing.”  Over time, it’s easy to find yourself in the rut of doing the same things.  Or, worse, you could neglect your relationship by not giving your partner any attention.  If your personal relationship is stale, safe, and boring; then, it’s easy for a more exciting suitor to come along and steal your lover.  They may even seek out a more exciting companion if the relationship becomes really mundane.

Like any relationship, your marketing strategy needs to maintain activities that are proven to strengthen your bond to the consumer.  But,  you should also develop those new, exciting twists that rekindle the spark that first attracted them to you.

What have you done lately to make your most loyal consumers fall in love with you all over again?

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