Does talk radio make a difference?

The mainstream media have recently devoted a lot of attention to the influence talk radio has over the electorate.  Rush Limbaugh’s vocal opposition to John McCain has certainly been in the center of the controversy.  Our partners at Edison Media Research, who do great radio projects as well as political exit polling, used their pool of voters to measure the influence of talk show hosts on the Republican Party.

Click here to read their study.


One Response to “Does talk radio make a difference?”

  1. Statistics are meaningless without interpretation.

    as you will note only (and I do repeat only) 30% of anybody really listens often. Of those who listen often probably only half of them are actually willing to do anything since they are mostly just cheerleaders for tax cuts and are rather busy day trading and spending time on the water in their large boats.

    Of the remaining 15% that listen and would do something only about half would do anything if they were not so damn angry ranting on their own blogs regurgitating the old hash from the lips of Rush, Hannity, or the ‘great one’.

    So that says about 7% of the country is a bunch of rightwingnuts (roughly 3% – 5% more than the Ron Paul Nuts)

    Now… further analysis. After just FIVE years of war, 700 Billion dollars of their childrens future, almost 4000 dead soldiers and hundres of thousands more wounded. The other 85% of the country and nearly 93% of your average joe on the street types are going to seriously listen to the debate in the fall about staying another 100 YEARS, or if we should keep some troups there to ensure regional stability – but bring the vast majority back home to gaurd our own borders, add more troops to the overall national defense, and start to work with potential challenges from China and Russia with real diplomatic skill.

    Well hate to use a pun but the choice in the fall looks to be pretty Black and White.

    Pretty clear cut.

    Welcome to the revolution buddy!!!!!

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