Engaging Listeners & Making Money On Demand

eMarketer asks “Have you heard the latest about podcasting?” in a 2/4/08 article.

Podcasting reached an estimated 18.5-million listeners in 2007, with 6.5-million of those active weekly. That audience is expected to double by 2009!

Now, that’s encouraging for radio stations who offer podcasting so listeners can enjoy the unique content offered by your talent on their own terms. To steal a line from Field of Dreams, “if you post it, they will listen …” But, let’s be honest, it’s very time consuming to edit, render, and upload several audio files each day; so, it should be worth the effort.

This statistic will get your attention: Last year, advertisers spent $165-million sponsoring or advertising within podcasts. This year, podcasting revenue is expected to exceed $240-million in the United States alone. By 2012, some experts predict a podcasting of 65-million people, 25-million active weekly consumers, and podcasting ad revenue of $435-million!

eMarketer goes so far as to credit these increases, in part, to the use and promotion of podcasting by terrestrial radio. They also cite easier consumption, greater awareness, increased consumer adoption of portable media players, and new technology from smart phones and wireless data.

So, are you podcasting? Great! Who’s sponsoring it?

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