We feel their pain …

How many times has your transmitter gone down in the middle of morning drive?  How many times have you had a technical problem and not been able to reach the engineer?  Well, at least your not THIS program director:

SPRINGDALE, Ark. — Thousands of football fans in northwest Arkansas missed the first half of Super Bowl XLII because of a technical issue at a local television station.

According to the KFTA-TV Web site, Super Bowl coverage on FOX 24 went off the air at about 3 p.m. Hundreds of viewers called 40/29 News with questions and comments about the outage.KHBS/KHOG is an ABC affiliate.

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A signal was restored at halftime, but it left football fans disappointed that they missed the first half of New York’s 17-14 win over New England.”You’re looking at the Super Bowl game, the one game all year that pretty much every American watches, and what am I doing? i’m going to the Internet to check the score online,” said Tim Fryer.

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