Case Study:

If you want to create a TV commercial geared towards a specific target audience with the goal of driving traffic to your website, has given you the perfect example.  You probably saw their Superbowl XLII commercial teasing a more racy Danica Patrick commercial, banned by Fox, available online.   The spot refers to the word “Beaver,” as in a stuffed rodent doll, but included so much innuendo to “that” slang, Fox had to say “no.”  When you finally see it, the ad really is tame.  But, the controversy of rejection provided a great opportunity.  I may be a pervert, but I know I immediately went to my laptop to watch it!

By the way, click here to watch the Danica Patrick “beaver” spot.


One Response to “Case Study:”

  1. You say you went there right away…What did you see? Price tags? :))))

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