How interactive is your brand?

Mike Bloxham posted a blog to the TV Board last week that deserve’s consideration from our radio brands. You can read the entire story by clicking here. But, here are the highlights:

Harris Interactive [research] that looks into attitudes toward remote-control-based interactive functionality on TV. One finding that surprised me, to the point of being bizarre, was the that 72% of viewers indicated they are currently using their remote controls for simple tasks such as finding favorite programs using the on-screen TV guide, scheduling or selecting DVR recordings and for viewing content on-demand. So that’s 28% who employ the power of telepathy, indentured servants or a long wooden stick? It seems an awfully large number to consign to the losing side of the battle for control of the remote on every occasion. Leaving that aside, though, the highlights were:

Viewers want advanced interactive television functionality across every genre of programming and advertising:

* 72% of those who watch reality TV shows want to interact with those shows

* 65% of those who watch sporting events on TV want to interact with those events

* 66% of viewers want to interact with commercial advertising

* 50% of those who watch drama TV shows indicated that they would be interested in interacting with those shows”

Even if the actual numbers aren’t identical, can’t we assume that a similar number of consumers  want to interact with our radio brands? We have the ability through our websites, text messaging, and the old request line to increase the profile (or at least the perception) of listener-generated content.  Why don’t we use it?

If you do use it, how easy have you made it for the consumer and how much do you promote it?


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