UPDATE: First major artist jumps from EMI.

Here’s an update to an earlier post about EMI MUSIC GROUP’s latest “restructuring” under owner TERRA FIRMA. You can read that post here.

Financial Times reports the ROLLING STONES plan to abandon their EMI home, releasing their new CD “Shine A Light” in March under the UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP brand. The move to Universal only covers the new album, and does not extend to the Rolling Stones’ catalogue of previous recordings. The Stones have been with EMI since 1977, leaving briefly for VIRGIN RECORDS in the 1980’s. Virgin was later acquired by EMI.

An spokesman for EMI says, “They’ve not signed to Universal and they’ve not left EMI. This is just a one-off thing.” Can you say denial? Please! Why would a band of such magnitude want to stay with a label group that won’t commit to marketing or promoting their new release. Personally, I haven’t been a fan of anything the Stones have done since their early 90’s, and Mick Jagger looks like death on stage. But, their CD debuted at #3 in 2005 and led to the highest grossing concert tour of 2006.

What’s next? Expect the ageless Stones to sign a deal with LIVE NATION, similar to recent signings by MADONNA and the JONAS BROTHERS.

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